BlogAdmin and the Cams

Our Blog Administrator is a quiet fellow, his only comment comes with the cam views in the side panel. I don't catch them all, but here are the ones I have caught along with my best guess as to what he is referring to.

15 Dec 2006: Mayor Lex Shops for Lawyers Cam [Ref: LRT - Plan B; CBC]

11 Dec 2006: Depression Cam [Ref: 1, 2, 3]

1 Dec 2006: Porno for Asexuals Cam [Ref: six reasons to love an asexual ?]

29 Nov 2006: Keeping Secrets Cam [Ref: Emergency Meeting 27 Nov 2006]

28 Nov 2006: How To Flirt at the Office Cam [Ref: The Mannerly Guide]

22 Nov 2006: Searching for New Muse Cam - Candidate #2: Psycho Girlfriend

21 Nov 2006: Searching for New Muse Cam - Candidate #1: Yuckos the Clown

20 Nov 2006: What Really Happened to Aggie Cam [Ref: 1 2 3]

19 Nov 2006: Dueling Hipster's Cam [Ref: MatildaZine]

17 Nov 2006: Happily Ever After Cam [Ref: Musie's Goodbye]

15 Nov 2006: Good-Bye-Rummy, Now-Lets-Go-Home Cam

13 Nov 2006: ESI's Salute Coyote's Good Deed Cam [Ref: 1 2]


Blog Admin said...

Dwarfie, you're taking away the ephemeral aspects of my narrative. Besides, it forces our readers to visit more frequently which pumps up our advertising yield once we sell out.

4th Dwarf said...

Somehow, I think you care more about the ephemeral aspect than the money BA.

coyote said...

Hmmm. (I'm sayin' that a lot lately.) Judging by the dates here, you seem to have developed ESP along with your other talents, Short Guy....