Ezra Levant's Sun TV narrator issues apology...

And Sun TV plans new vehicle...


Paul Calandra...

...The Prime Minister's Speshul Parliamentary Secretary for disrespect of Parliament, the Canadian public, common courtesy and logic...


Summer Blogbuster Season...


Desperate to leverage the First World War centenary...

...into a political poll bump as a world of Senate unpleasantness and assorted ideological policy failures threatened to come home to roost in his personal office chair, Steverino ordered his fibreglas helmet maker, ummm, hairstylist, to get him rockin' The Full Robert Borden for the big commemoration ceremony.

Then someone told him that Sir Robert had been prime minister at the head of a Union government during the war, and he felt like a very, very foolish Little Trained Economist...


This Weekend on the ESi-Fy Channel !!!


On Twitter today, our mayor tells us we can get some lip balm if we go to the Hope Volleyball Tourney.

I wasn't planning on going - I'm not much for sunshine - but I'd rather have lip balm from Jim Watson than from Rob Ford.


Campaigning with Elmaks?

It appears that Liberal candidate Yasir Naqvi is endorsing guerrilla street art in his campaign for reelection.

We Elgin Street Irregulars do not believe in endorsing any candidates for office so we leave it to you to decide whether this affects who you vote for in the upcoming provincial election.


Hockey Racquets (Wirecrossed Consultant Edition)

A city consultant's public art solution to the question of how best to memorialize beloved kids' hockey stick doctor Jack Purcell. For just south of $50,000. Because apparently there were two Jack Purcells, and the one for whom the adjoining Elgin Street recreation centre is not named was a badminton champ. In Guelph.

I dunno. Maybe if you squint. . .

News story replete with retro-rationalisations, or, if you will, lame-o excuses, here.

It is unclear from any of the media coverage whether the unnamed consultant was ever imposed upon, or even offered, to knock a few bucks off the bill for, you know, dropping the ball. . . errr, bird. . . ummm, puck.


Elmaks Tributes

Coyote and I were out for a stroll this evening and we came across two curious items fixed to utility poles.

At a #14 stop on Gladstone there was "Free Music", a xylophone, ready for people to make music while they wait for the bus.

We wondered if it might be a tribute to Elmaks, that artist who added life to our streets and sadly left us a couple of years ago. Or just Ottawa's answer to the pianos that New York and other wealthy cities put out for pedestrians to play.

Then at O'Connor and Nepean, there was an actual swap box. The swap box was one of Elmaks signature items and to confirm that this was a tribute to him, the piece has "4Elmaks" written on the side.

I was tempted to take the crayons in the box, because I could use them for my portraits, but all I had to swap for it was my digital camera and I needed that to blog the swap box.


Just another conservative power couple...

Funny how that keeps happening...