Sleeping dragon


Happy Canada Day...

...may yours be filled with giant beavers swimming in vast ponds of maple syrup.

Hmmm. Meant that to read like the most Canadian thing ever, not some kind of obscure double entendre.

But there ya go.


Mitch McConnell, meanwhile...

...channels his inner spirit animal for the American Fourth of July break, to beguile and charm fellow Republican senators into supporting his greatest-hits version of the the Trump Wealthcare Bill...


Commander Covfefe: Still Lost in the Ozone...

...with yuuuuuge apologies to Commander Cody, the Lost Planet Airmen, and late, great album cover artist Chris Frayne...

Sincerely, Coyote.


Apparently I'm back.

Coyote sightings on the rise in 2017, says CBC.

...it's so good to be remembered and appreciated...


Too late again?

If I'd known I'd have bought more cartons, but as it is, I might have enough until the next LCBO labelling crisis.

Bombay Sapphire gin being recalled by LCBO due to incorrect alcohol content...

By Staff
In a statement Tuesday, the LCBO says the affected product has been removed from all of its stores shelves.

A certain canine friend says he's interested in why this seems to be a thing lately. All I know is that the Georgian Bay Vodka incident taught me that a very accurate scale can come in handy at the liquor store.