An Explanation

What's Going on Here?

  • This used to be a meta-blog, that is -- a blog about a blog. The blog in question was the Fifth Muse written by a woman who wrote frankly about her life. She gave us rich material for discussion and exploration of our own boring by comparison lives. Sadly for us, she has moved on. Now we do our best to explore the world and our lives on our own.

Who are you?

  • We are people who irregularly hang out on Elgin Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Do you guys all actually live on Elgin Street?

  • Our addresses are closely guarded secrets. But no.
Do you all know each other in real life?
  • Yes
Do you actually have live meetings?
  • Yes

Does the Fifth Muse know about you?

  • Yes. When we first started this metablog, she didn't know about us. In early August 2005, we revealed our project to her, creeped out her other fans, spooked her, got marginalized from the Ottawa blog community, jumped the shark... it's all in the August 2005 archives.
Do you know what's going on with her? You are metablogging me, how can I get you to stop?
  • The easiest way is to ask us. You could also try being boring, but that may not work if we are really desperate.
I would like to be metablogged, how can I get the ESIs to cover me?
  • We are in the market for a new muse, but it is not likely that your blog will meet our criteria. (No offence, our own Agatha hasn't qualified, hard as she has tried.) Here are some of our requirements:
  1. Your blog must not be easily identified with your real identity;
  2. You must write well enough that our grammarians don't cringe when they read your postings;
  3. Your postings must not be so long or rare that our attention-deficit members tune out;
  4. You must have a more or less dysfunctional life; but
  5. You can't be so close to the edge of losing it that we worry that what we say will push you over the edge.
  • Features in your blog that will make us more interested in metablogging you are:
  1. Sex;
  2. Conflict; and
  3. Ottawa references.
May I join in on the blogging and meta-blogging?
  • Yes.
  • Start with comments.
  • We prefer comments that have identities we can track (e.g. Blogspotters).
  • If you are unpleasant or libellous, we'll delete your comment.
  • We'll also delete "outings" and spam.
  • Let our BlogAdmin know (mauvejoe/yahoo/ca) if you'd like to become a full-fledged contributor.
Where is the "usual spot"? Could you be more specific?
  • The usual spot is already too crowded.
Is it possible that Coyote doesn't know I was joking?
  • Oh, yes. It is entirely possible.
Whatever happened to this page?
  • Nothing, really.


AJ.Valliant said...

This is so recursive it make my balls hurt. Yet I find myself strangely compelled to continue reading: perhaps my time spent living on Elgin and Lisgar damaged my delicate inner working in some way.

Robine said...


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Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you.

4th Dwarf said...

A.J., hope the pain has subsided.

Robine, the contact page on your website doesn't work.

But as it happens, your product might relate to a research project I'm in the midst of. Do you ship to Canada?

Kelley K said...


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Kelley King

4th Dwarf said...

Really, Kelley, you have been "following" our posts?

If you weren't plugging a United Way event, I'd think you were comment spamming.