Healing Well

The news is that Agatha's finger is doing well. She has her stitches demurely covered with a bandaid that made me jealous until she gave me two.

Aggie is good with sharing.

She would have given me more, but I don't cut myself often, and there's no sign of any more rat moles.

Speaking of the rat mole, I now have a tidy anchor-shaped scar on my forehead.

When it throbs, I know that Lana and her minions are plotting something.


The Chair said...

Well, Dwarfie, as one of our anonymous cohorts commented to me, we knew what was throbbing when they weren't plotting against you.

4th Dwarf said...

Well, Chairy, aren't you and the anonymous cohort just the witty pair.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dwarfie, when I see you dangling "y's" after The Chair's name, I know you're in a dastardly mood. God forbid you take it out on any of us...