Misreading: I think Musie still wants to blog

There are unreliable narrators. Then, there are unreliable readers. In this case, I think we have been unreliable readers in our readings of the 5th Muse's so-called last post.

There is enough ambivalence in her latest (and perhaps last) to drive a truck through. The woman is dying to blog. When Musie says she is "leaning towards elsewhere", can't you all see that she just wants some reassurance? She wants us to beg her to keep the narrative going. Just as I would want all of you to beg me to keep blogging if I ever threaten to take it off-line.

But, this isn't about me. It's about Musie. Let's talk about the negativity. All the great bloggers out there have encountered it. Remember when Dwarfie got slammed by Lana and Minty? That took the wind right out of his sails. The lcp took quite a few knocks, too, at one point. And, Musie herself weathered some harsh comments and commentary. She says she wants to protect R and the Chinchillas from the negative energies of cyberworld. I think she just wants to protect her happy ending. Sure, turn off the comments if they are nasty. And, we'll delete anything too nasty over at this end and reactivate the ethics committee.

There will be plenty more happy endings to look forward to. I say, blog on, hon!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, dear Aggie. I was wondering when SOMEONE would comment on the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS fact that (a)Musie meant R and the Chinchillas when she blogged about the things she needed to protect from the nasties...and...(b)we are the nasties....
Dear, oh dear, I wonder how the little pets are getting on? Chinchillas are so famously delicate! Take care Musie...!

Anonymous said...

PS. Nice pirate band-aids.

Agatha said...

No, she is trying to protect her happy ending...And, I don't think we are the nastiest of the nasties. We did - as Musie herself acknowledged - INDIRECTLY direct her towards R - which in turn, led to the happy ending.

coyote said...

Some of us may be having teensy withdrawal symptoms. I don't wish to argue with one who always gets it right, Dame A, ma'am, but if we're going to deconstruct the Muse one more time, then we might wish to examine the whole post.

Of course she's protecting her happy ending. Any narrative has a cut-off point, and narrators select them where they're inclined to.

She's always been highly selective. So have we, when we've riffed on her. That's what writing narrative is all about. But let's not be too disingenuous. The line near the end of her post said, "I'll leave this here then and will go on to write of a new kind of life elsewhere. The narrative will continue, but it won't be public anymore."

She likes writing about her life, and she's going to continue, obviously. But that doesn't hafta mean a frickin' public blog, people. Maybe, just maybe, she'll finally be writing her thoughts in a journal. On paper. Where nobody else can see 'em. How retro. A private journal that's actually private... oh, my poor, fuzzy head! What a concept!

But you're correct: The Muse is an unreliable narrator. And so am I... Kinda leaves the field of possibility wide open, doesn't it? How excitingly tantalizing is that?

4th Dwarf said...

Have you noticed that Coyote is erudite when he's on solid ground but when he's on choppy water his vocabulary turns to fricks and fracks?

5M said she would take her story "elsewhere". And she said it wouldn't be public anymore. But she didn't say she would take it to a private journal. Private journals are for private people and shy canines.

I don't think the Muse believes in secrets.

Her narrative may no longer be public, but I'll bet someone out there has access. (Right, Evolver?)

coyote said...

You've discovered my secret, Shorty: mal de mer. I get seasick so easily....