Still here, still semimythical, still ornery

Oh, I know some figured us semimythical coyotes to stump off into a semimythical western sunset to die of disappointment after that last election. But nooooooooo. We've been proud pests for the past six millennia, and with luck will keep at it for another six or twelve. We're ornery that way. (Insert trademark "I digress" here - Ed.)

In the post-election-seek-the-silver-lining pall, pundit types speculated that maybe a Tory majority rule would usher in a new era of political civility, now that the PM was comfortable - and so, more reasonable.

Mmmmhmmm. Maybe if you consider his long-gnawed-at ambition to try to root his (many) unpalatable ideas into the national ethos like so much psychic bindweed "reasonable". Maybe if you think authoritarian autocrats with a mile-wide muley streak are likely to do less of what they were doing when they were less... comfortable.

When he brayed "conservative values are Canadian values" to his caucus at the beginning of June, editorialists took it to mean that he was reassuring the two-thirds of the electorate who kinda didn't vote for him that they had nothing to fear.

Coyotes, suspicious critters to a dog, figured it was probably just laying pipe to marginalise anyone opposed to Harper-brand tories by calling 'em "unCanadian".

The new cash collection started at last week's self-congratulaTory convention, to fund a whackdown of their only "real" opposition - "left-leaning media" - kinda ices the poisoned g√Ęteau. Lessee: National Post, Globe & Mail, PostMedia News, Quebecor/Stun chain... they all endorsed these guys. Some held their noses over that piffling, albeit unprecedented, contempt-of-Parliament ruling from the Speaker, perhaps the better to apply 'em to Mr. Harper's butt. Butt they did it.

(I note that that other piffling, albeit unprecedented, thing, the post-election report from the Auditor General that Harper knowingly misled parliament so a couple cabinet ministers could mishandle a whole whack of millions as a personal re-election slushfund for the, ummm, honorable member from Muskoka, was handled identically: a carefully calculated, casual, very public shrug, to reassure the party's dim base that their guys weren't exactly the same kind of utterly amoral, opportunistic, rats as the ones they hoofed out a few prorogued parliaments back...)

Damn digressions! Where the hell was I? Oh, yeah. So, I'm thinkin' that means that the only left-leaning media, ummmm, left in this town is Coyote News. These crosshairs feel stylish. Like making a Nixon enemies list. I should be able to dine out on this one for the next four years at least...

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