Nature speaks to PM on climate change?

Last night, we coyotes hunkered down in our La-Z-Dogs to TV news reports of a big-mother blizzard in our old stomping grounds.

Soon after, a semimythical puppyhood friend with whom I used to tear up the occasional poultry coop - just youthful hijinks, y'understand - sent along this shot from the local Doppler, saying, "If a random image of Jesus on a pizza can awe and inspire people, I figure a death's head can appear on weather radar by the same token. The prognosis is for blizzard conditions later tonight. But I'd have called this a blizzard 4 hours ago. Spooky."

The accompanying legend doesn't make it look like much snow, but keep in mind that this was just the buildup. And that it is in the nature of the place that, inevitably, a helluva wind came with it.

Being who we are, and of a semimythical, partly-animistic bent, we couldn't help but wonder, what with the Copenhagen world conference looming, if maybe, maybe, Ma Nature was sending a big-mother memo to id(iot)eologically-blind PMs with southwest Calgary ridings? Who think climate change is a 'socialist plot'....? Say, about fatally-misguided policies that support stripmining the Alberta tarsands, and damn all ecological consequences for living creatures?

Because, well, the death's head is centered directly over those particular PM's southwest Calgary ridings. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I had a maple syrup puddle in the shape of St. Francis of Assisi's head on my pancakes this morning. What does that signify?

mad jack said...

ccording to Sollog's Prophecies it could be a sign that the long-anticipated return of those pancake totin' aliens from Cosmic Trigger is imminent. Soon our World leaders will be shown how to play Canasta as it has always been played on Rigel 6 -- now if only we could only get them to stop compulsively cheating at cards. Maybe once Edgar Cayce gets back from shopping for intergalactic lake frontage property He might take a little time out from cooing with the friggin' Sirens for a couple minutes(hussies) and tune those stubborn politicians in. He could start with Norm Spector, eh? :-)

coyote said...

XUP: Maybe the Pope was secretly signalling you that he just moved Shrove Tuesday to December?

Mad Jack: Pshaw! Didn't anyone tell ya them UFOs are a crock?