Travelling incognito

Upon arriving at the airport in Bridgetown, Barbados, I noticed a sign informing visitors that camouflage is banned on the island.

I have concluded the reason must be one of the following:

1. The people of Barbados fear takeover by a camouflage-clad army of insurgents.
2. The country is populated by fervent hunters who may mistakenly shoot tourists disguised in camouflage.
3. Barbados has taken a firm stand against what is perhaps the most objectionable fashion trend of the decade.


coyote said...

Most objectionable fashion of the decade?

So the Bajans didn't have any tweenies running around with exposed thongs and buttcracks, then...?

Milan said...

Do they have soldiers who wear camouflage uniforms? If so, they may just want to make them stand out as much as possible.

nursemyra said...

I'm going with #3

Aggie said...

I love camo-wear!