Dirty. Secrets. Buzz. Shower not included.

We ESIs have a recurring conversation along the lines of: Are we simply shameless? Or are we desperately shameless?

With that in mind, a new book caught my roving eye: Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz by David Seaman.

Now here's an author who walks, er, rather, runs, the talk. Scribe Seaman promises in a press release to jog around New York's Times Square naked if his book doesn't crack the Amazon.com Top 100 within three days. That takes cajones, or at least the willingness to flap them in the Big Apple breeze for all to see.

"With the recession as it is, sometimes an author has to put everything on the line to get attention for a worthwhile and exciting read," Seaman says. "Book sales are down at an apocalyptic rate for most authors due to the downturn, and I'm willing to take a risk here . . . This book is worth my reputation, and possibly a couple nights in prison."

The tome is billed as "the definitive guide to guerrilla fame and cutthroat viral marketing."

And the ESIs should leap on Seaman's advice like Jack Layton pouncing on a can of mustache wax.

A few choice chapter subtitles:

* Celebrity Tabloids: Getting in them or staying out of them
* Enemies are more important than friends
* Be Outrageous or Die!
* Google juice: hot links from highly rated sites
* TV doesn't make you - you make you
* Get ten thousand visitors for free through StumbleUpon

* Overcoming publicity post-partum depression: Knowing when and where to find the next hook

Having said all this, I'm not sure Ottawa is ready for the ESIs parading their individual wares down Elgin Street if we fail to win a CanBlog Award. (With the possible exception of Coyote, who never wears pants.)


coyote said...

Well, ya know, pants just get in the way...

And this gives me major buzz? Who knew? Except Paris Hilton? And Britney Spears?

zoom said...

Did you guys see this 'Ottawa's Top 30 Blog List' ? It was on Ottawa Start and CBC:

Elgin Street Irregulars
"I can't describe this one, you just have to read it for a few weeks to figure it out. Even then..."

Such a succinct description.

coyote said...

We embrace the succinct, ma'am.

Woodsy said...


4th Dwarf said...

Oh, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, remember when blogging was your passion and you read us religiously?

Now we've been tossed aside for some little container at 45° 26.874 W 075° 30.807 and we're lucky that you check in once and a while.

Not that I should expect you to have seen my brilliant Google poem or the facetious "We're Not Worthy" cam that the Chair put up in the sidebar.

But seriously, we're glad you still drop by.

I'm afraid that while G at OttawaStart got us right, he got you wrong. You're not "one of those bloggers who every other blogger in Ottawa reads". You're the blogger who every other blogger in Ottawa reads.

zoom said...

It seems I've been a little slow on the uptake on this one. I DID see the google poem and the we're not worthy cam, but I guess I just thought they were obscure self-referential wanking, because I didn't yet know about the Top 30 list. (And how come I was the last to know about this list??)