We Love Zoom, or The Canadian Culture, Eh! Game

Zoom, you've been concerned that Canadians have no culture. You have also mentioned in the past that you love playing games. So, today I took the photo above for you, so that you can play at spotting the five things that are part of our Canadian Culture in the picture (click on it to enlarge).

Have fun! And, yes you will get a prize out of this.*

*Contest only open to those named Zoom who own a blog named Knitnut.


4th Dwarf said...

Woodsy, brilliant!

If we can't be like Zoom and have the blog that all the other Ottawa bloggers read, let's be the blog that only Zoom reads!

zoom said...

Ha! Speaking of culture, I'm just taking a break from sifting through my kitchen garbage by hand, looking for a bottle of pills I paid $66 for two nights ago.

This little game is a charming diversion.

Okay, I count five different kinds of beer. Am I right?

Woodsy said...

Are there really five different beers? I actually found 2 kinds of beers and 3 other things. RealGrouchy found some other things I had not found. I hope he posts them.

I am away on a little road trip, but will check again in a few days. Anyone can play and help Zoom, but only Zoom can win...

zoom said...

Is that a Canada Goose up on top?

RealGrouchy said...

Despite my objections that I do not qualify for this contest, I shall post what I found:

- Fire hydrant, represents Canada's freshwater abundance. Also reflects Canadians as introverts, as it "keeps it all in," except in emergencies.
- Moose on escape rail
- "Minglewoods" is clearly a thinly-veiled reference to homosexuality, which is rampant in this country. This establishment is obviously a house of ill-repute where "All Canadians" are invited to "tap" and "grill" each other.
- Beers of various kinds (I count four*), some of which may actually still be made by Canadian companies
- Canada goose weathervane
- The girl is holding a Nalgene-type water bottle; representing Canada's socialist denial of free-market $2 disposable bottles of water
- Alfie's Pub may be a reference to the Swedish Captain of the hockey team of Canada's capital city.
- A/C unit on top of building in background reflects Canadians' irony (that we would need A/C in what presumably is such a cold climate), particularly in contrast to the old building in the foreground, which must obviously have numerous HVAC and OSHA challenges.

*Labatt Blue in the window (Canadian), Foster's above the "Alfie's Pub" sign (Australian), Foster's sign on the wall behind the open patio umbrellas (Ibid.), Rickard's Red on the patio umbrellas and on the sign under Alfie's Pub (RR is Molson-Coors; now a US company); Molson Canadian signs (large with silhouettes and small with "Mega Keg") on front of fence (Ibid.)

How'd I do?

- RG>

Lily said...

I think RealGrouchy's all-round excellence at this game deserves recognition - there must be some kind of special reward he can garner, despite not qualifying for the contest in the first place, c'mon ESI...

zoom said...

I misspent some of my misspent youth at Alfie's, so I consider it part of my Canadian culture.

Am I getting close?

Real Grouchy's good. I think you should have another contest just for him. Perhaps you should engineer a whole series of contests with such highly restrictive qualifiers that only one person can enter each of them.

Woodsy said...

I am back!

Zoom, it doesn't matter what you answered, you are a winner. Between you and RG all my observations of things Canadian were found +++.

Your prize is lunch on me (not literally) as soon as you are up for it. Dessert and coffee included.

RG, Lili is right, you deserve a prize too. Next time I see you I will treat you to a pastry at the bakery of your choice.

RealGrouchy said...

Ooh! Yay!

Do I have to choose a local bakery, or can I choose one far away in space or time?

- RG>

Woodsy said...

RG, any time-warp, space time continuum, and/ or spaced out groovy universe of your choice... Lili, you are welcome to join us too.

zoom said...

Yay, I was *hoping* the prize would be Lunch With Woodsy. (Which reminds me, I've got something for you...)