Figure Us Out: The Google Poem

* By some really weird coincidence, the police managed to figure us out by the next morning, but I think it was for the better. ...

* hang out awhile, and if you can't figure us out by then, you are hopeless!

* They are trying to figure us out by searching for us online, but all they have to really do is stop, listen, and absorb. We tend to glow

* It didn't take long for the man to figure us out. By noon, we were shown the door

* figure us out. By honoring ourselves, and living by this example, we allow others to do the same in their lives.

* ... Brett is trying to figure us out by gathering social data

* If you can't figure us out by our name you'll be too slow to keep up with our discussions of the world's ultimate racing series. ...

* you think people would figure us out by now :) ...

* Sheesh, you would think you could figure us out by now.

* If aliens from outer space were trying to figure us out by tapping into television transmissions, I wonder what they'd think.

* The teams will figure us out by the second half of the season

* Also, quit trying to figure us out by making lame generalizations, just talk to us instead.

* Like bears or any animals for that matter aren't smart enough to figure us out by now!!!!

* Maybe one day, you'll figure us out. By your statements, you clearly haven't as of yet.

* This is a good place to "figure us out" by direct observation.

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G said...

#9 alpabetically, probably higher if I was ranking by quality. Serious, you guys are great. GG / OttawaStart

4th Dwarf said...

G, I bet you say that to all the blogs.