In and Out Revisited

"You're so in, and I'm so out!"

Aggie's brilliant In and Out posts reminded me of something a boy wrote in my year book ages ago.

Dear Woodsy,

When you're in, we're out.

See 'ya around,

(signed) Tall, Brawny Guy
For years I have been perplexed by what he meant. Was he being crude? Or, was he being dismissive? Maybe he saying I was cool and he was passé.

What do you think he meant?


Milan said...

My guess is that he was saying something like: "When you are more popular with other people, I feel less close to you" but that is likely to be entirely wrong, since I know nothing of the person or situation.

Anonymous said...

he's a male so it didn't mean anything.


us women are always looking for meaning where there is none :-)

Aggie said...

Woodsy, clearly this brawny fellow is not only a fool, but seriously seriously challenged on all kinds of levels--- but I'm going to have to refer you to this well-known resource.

xup said...

Probably Nursemyra is right, but if she's not I think you should take it as a compliment because it sounds like he's implying that you were marching to your own drummer and not following the cookie-cutter "trendy" kids. And now that marching to your own drummer is, indeed "in", tall brawny guy and his ilk are living in the suburbs, driving SUVs and getting laid off at Nortel -- which means they're SO out. If nothing else, he was prophetic.

Lily said...

He was being crude. Definitely.

Woodsy said...

Milan, I agree that it does sound like he might have been saying that, but since I was the biggest book nerd in that school, I doubt it. I was only popular with the librarians.

Nursemyra, he was a jock... so I think you might be on to something.

Aggie, so you're saying he was so OUT because he wasn't IN to me?!?

Lili, Yup, he was a wanker who thought he was clever.