Your turn: Things that are OUT that I wish were IN...

Over at my blog, I've beaten the In and Out series like a dead horse. I thought I'd eke out just one more post, this time soliciting audience participation. I know XUP will be critical of the lameness of this. And, I know that Milan will question why we would wish things out to be in in the first place. I don't care. This is a contest, folks! Contestants are being asked to submit two things that are OUT that he/she wishes were IN. The winner will be chosen by an ESI sub-committee at a special Emergency Meeting. Hence, no ESI submissions will be considered. The criteria: originality, wit, charm.

The winner can choose one prize among the following items: 1) the winner can post a favourite recipe on our blog*;2) the winner can select a blog that he/she would like the ESI team to metablog for a week**; 3) the winner can select a blogging theme or issue for the ESIs for one week***.

*as long as it passes the ESI ethics committee
**as long as it passes the ESI ethics committee
***as long as it passes the ESI ethics committee


Milan said...

What does it mean to 'metablog' something?

Milan said...

Things that are OUT that I wish were IN...

Carbon taxes
Prosecuting torturers

Aggie said...

Hi Milan. I'll refer you to this for an explanation of metablogging. Does this give you enough to go on, or are you asking for more?
Thanks for kicking off the contest with two fabulous entries!

Milan said...

That is sufficient explanation. Someone 'metablogged' me once while I was at Oxford, though that particular post no longer seems to be on their site.

xup said...

ESI - HEY – I don’t think this is lame at all. I’m all about keeping my fingers on the pulse of IN and OUT. You’re providing all of the blogosphere with an important service. And to demonstrate my sincerity, I will participate in your wonderful contest.
1. I wish curls were IN instead of glossy flat hair. Not on my account (though I love curly hair), but for my poor child who feels the need to torture her long, gorgeous locks into pin-straightness every morning; who has to spend her hard-earned money on hair-flattening products and who becomes filled with fear and anxiety at the first sign of rain or humidity.
2. I also wish age was IN – the older you get, the more IN you become; instead of the other way around. Then teenagers would be dressing in mauve polyester stretch pants with elastic waists and wearing rain bonnets and fleece jackets with animals on them even in summer, just to be cool and IN

bob said...

1) 6 weeks of vacation a year (in canada at least)
2) Jogging along the rideau canal (i'm trying so hard but Aggie still thinks this is out... so it must be!!)
3) Overspending / Economic booming (ooops, 3 things!)

These are pretty lame i think... i think this points to the fact that i'm quite comfortable with the current innioutiness vibe of the world, and i appreciate the hard work you've put in to summarizing it Aggie.

Hannah said...

-Moderately priced tickets to the movies in theatres that aren't the size of malls. Oh and the butter for your popcorn? Should still be free damnit!
-I agree with XUP. The elderly need to be hip!
-Male chivalry