I'm not posting for Monday because

  1. I'm tired.
  2. I've got a good book to read.
  3. I feel unappreciated because nobody noticed the tea-shirt I did of Audrey's advice last week.
  4. I could tell you about the dating study announced last week that said when there are many people at speed-dating, everyone just picks the best-looking, but when there are only a few, people make choices based on perceptions of compatibility. But if I did tell you about it, it wouldn't change anything you do. You'd still make the same screwed-up choices in your romantic lives.
  5. I'm so grouchy that you'll be much better off reading this dinosaur comic than anything I would blog right now.


nursemyra said...

what's the book?

Harmony said...

Would it help to relieve your grumpies, if I reminded you that I (at least) commented on the Romantic Gestures post? And that by commenting, I was hoping to initiate group discussion of the post? Because I really liked it?

How about this: I have now officially placed "1 Romantic Gestures Tea Shirt" on my Christmas list. Maybe someone will make a romantic gesture and purchase a tea shirt for me?!

Woodsy said...

Harmony, I hope Santa gets you one even thought you are such a naughty flirt!

I have ordered a Chamomile Tea-Shirt for my friend Shotgun Jen's soon to be born baby (I will include Jo's story), and I will be ordering one from the Woodsy series for me!

Audrey said...

Oh Dwarfie, I have been so busy that I didn't notice that you had designed a tea-shirt based on my top 10 list. How clever of you! Maybe my sweetie will get me one in pink.

I'm glad you liked my Romantic Gestures post, Harmony. You are a true romantic, too.

Woodsy: You will look super-sexy in the Woodsy series shirt!