Bloggers Breakfast

I regret missing the Bloggers' Breakfast...or was it brunch? Woodsy told us all about the event, and some of us wished we had been there.
Woodsy was delighted with all the bloggers, and was particularly happy about getting to know XUP, who she reported is delightful, intelligent and cool.
Here are my reasons for not doing the brunch:

1) I haven't been blogging, so feel unworthy of attending.
2) I get all shy and nervous around high-profile bloggers.
3) I never commit to morning activities on weekends.
4) There is no fourth.
5) There is no fifth.


Nat said...

I went in spite of all of this, lots of new faces, lots of interesting new reads. And more importantly many interesting new relationships.

Nat said...

(Posted too soon.)

It was a very welcoming bunch, you'll have to come next time.

zoom said...

It's always a treat to see you Aggie, both on and off line.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious. I don't know any bloggers in sydney :-(

Woodsy said...

Now Aggie, how can I play hard to get with XUP now that she knows I like her?

xup said...

But are you IN like with me? I'm still a little insecure about that

Woodsy said...

XUP, by IN do you mean,

1) Introversion iNtuition - no & yes
2) perceptible to (one of the senses) - very much
3) Intensely Nerdy - affirmative
4) IN-satiable - why, yes!