6 Ottawa places I don't miss

While I've still got a few minutes left in my posting day, I thought I'd get in on the nostalgia kick with my list.

  1. Le Metro - moved from Elgin to Somerset, then closed. If you like snobby waiters bringing you small portions of mediocre food, you may miss the place.
  2. The "convenience" store at Bay and Lisgar where the old lady who was always there would malevolently stare at you until you walked out.
  3. Café Henri Burger - Maybe if George Radwanski had taken me there for lunch once or twice I'd miss the joint. And maybe if George hadn't been nailed for expense account shenanigans, Café Henri Burger would still be open.
  4. The Hull Strip - I do not miss Ontario bars closing at 1am, then going to Hull, then waiting in line to get into some incredibly loud place where you couldn't talk to anyone and then taking forever to get back to Ottawa so you could finally get some sleep.
  5. Big Bud's - Sorry, nostalgia nuts, the Dollar-It that replaced it is cleaner, friendlier and cheaper.
  6. Fuliwah's was not a bad Chinese Restaurant, but the Chu Shing people make tastier food and probably the best dim sum in Ottawa.


Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, even I KIND OF miss Big Bud's, but it was really icky at times.

Cafe Henri Burger is gone? Really? I'm shocked.

Wandering Coyote said...

Man, I should do one of these lists, too. Mine would be way, WAY longer, though.