Waxing Weekday

Speaking of fringes, Steve at the Sneeze has a dozen suggestions for ladies who want something stylish in a waxing job.

I did a little search on the blogs we follow to see what waxing knowledge we might have missed. From Tiana, the Sassy Redhead, we have a vignette of experiencing a professional waxing from 13 March 2006:

I think she enjoyed inflicting pain. I would yell "OHHH" as she ripped and then sort of laugh at the fact that it was about to happen again in mere moments. Also..holy fondling batman! It didn't bother me though but yeah...she knows more about me 'down there' than me, Brent and my Gyno combined! But she wore rubber gloves, which made me happy.

And on 26 May 2008, Tiana gave us a great new euphemism: "wax on the gouda"

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