RNDP 16: Asian Innovations?

This week our search for an RNDP takes us to Asia.

In early June, Weird Asia News reported that a South Korean TV station had received about 2200 applications from young men wanting to be "pet boys" for women looking for company anytime they want.

The idea came from a Japanese anime program where a business woman with a history of bad relationships adopts a young street person to be her "pet".

Weird Asia News predicted the trend would spread throughout Asia in the near future.1

If the Korean women are following a Japanese cartoon and adopting pet boys, you might wonder what the Japanese women are doing.

According to TechCrunch, they are going to Webkare to meet a male cartoon character and win his heart in a series of online dates.

Apparently, five days after it was announced, 10,000 people had signed up to try it out.2

4D Analysis: If we ESIs want to be famous, we should come up with postings demonstrating that modern women are increasingly desperate to find men they can be with. So desperate they'll pay for them or use pretend online versions.

1 I hope I don't need to point out that:

  • There are many, many internet stories on the Pet Boy "trend" and they all seem to be based on the WeirdAsiaNews story;
  • There don't seem to be any stories about the trend spreading to Singapore, Hong Kong or anywhere else in Asia; and
  • While 2200 applied to be Pet Boys, there is no mention of any woman asking to engage the services of an applicant.

2 I hope I don't need to point out that:

  • There are many, many internet stories on the WebKare "trend" and they all seem to be based on the TechCrunch story;
  • In a country the size of Japan, 10k sign-ups isn't much of a splash if there had been any sort of national promotion of the website;
  • WebKare.jp is not even in the world's top 5 million websites (it is ranked 5,261,557 at Alexa, which beats our position at 9,309,169, but we don't claim to be a hot new trend) and
  • There have been no followup stories to tell us how may members actually returned to the site after one try.


Manny Blue said...

Fourth Dwarf, you can be my pet anytime!

4th Dwarf said...

No thanks, Manny, the last time someone asked me to be their pet, they tried to fix me.

coyote said...

FIX!? Ooh, primal doggy fear! Bite your tongue!

But you could use a little redecorating... I'm thinkin' full-body wax job.