It's All for Your Future Pleasure, So VOTE!

At a recent gathering which included a few men and women in their forties, the consensus was that they preferred the natural look on a woman's coochie. I have not had the opportunity to ask the younger generation what they prefer, but of course I am curious.

Men and women of all ages, this is your chance to let the ESIs know if you prefer the Garfunkel, the Mr T, or the Larry look on a woman's revered mons veneris.

What is your preference?
The Garfunkel
The Larry
The Mr T
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Milan said...

French beauticians bristle over having to use wax and tweezers

French beauticians have launched street protests to demand the right to use modern hair-removal techniques.

Harmony said...

What a delightful respite from the usual boring menu of election posts, and even worse, the depressing daily news from the markets.

And gives new meaning to the term "coochie-coo." Or should I say, "coochie-do?"

Woodsy said...

Milan, Ah, the French! They sure love their whine(ing).

Harmony, glad I brightened up your day... and you made me snort - coochie-do indeed!