Unnatural (S)election '08: I got nuthin'

Yeah, yeah, I know. You've come to rely on me for the kind of incisive and perspicacious insider political analysis that you can't find anywhere else. And this is my day to post. But dizzy and reeling from all of the hurricane-force spin doctoring happening north and south of the border this week, I am in exactly the same boat as everybody else. I began this election feeling disengaged and pissed about having to go through with it. Now, I just wanna hide in my burrow, clamp my eyes shut, and wrap my paws over my ears until it's over...

Yet I persist. I don't know why. We coyotes are not generally known for our masochism. But be warned. I have no incisive and perspicacious insider political analysis this week - only dumbass questions.

To whit: "When did the strain of watching two elections at the same time finally sink my finely honed, impartially cynical loathing of all politicians into abysmally deep new submarine trenches a la The Vendetta?"

And: "Why does Sarah Palin remind me so much of Tracy Flick, and why doesn't anybody else seem to have noticed?"

And this one, after rereading posts in which my pierced, pottymouthed, and also perspicacious counterpart from the BC interior, Other Coyote, called the current government The Cons: "Does this make Stephen Harper a Con Troll Freak...?"

There is no fifth thing. And no fourth, for that matter. I'm not interested enough.

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Wandering Coyote said...

Jeez, another day, another blue sweater. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I'm not blogging about this election as I'd planned to because I'm just so sick of it.

coyote said...

Amen, Other Coyote. I'm beginning to think we're all forked...