Talk Like a Pirate, Y'Scurvy Dog!

Pirate pointing at Sign that says: Arr Values 1) Service 2) Quality 3) Plunder

Being the nineteenth day of September tis Talk Like a Pirate Day and I, yer faithful Fourth Dwarf, be here to help ye master the lingo.

As ye'll likely not be sailin' off fer adventure and treasure, but sitting in yer government or corporate meeting chamber, here be the proper piratical way of expressin' yer lubberly thoughts.

Landlubber Talk

Shipshape Pirate Talk

We have achieved a positive outcome

We’re bung up and bilge free

We have gained a market advantage over the competition

We’ve sailed to windward and taken their weather guage

Perform a post-project evaluation

Tally up the butcher's bill

Dialogue with a stakeholder

Chew the fat with chummy

We will meet this afternoon

Ye’ll see me when the sun be over the yardarm

A good candidate for senior management

A right smart upper yardman

Recruit new human resources

Pressgang a new crew

We must increase our efforts

We’d best put some wind behind our sails

Acting contrary to the direction of the chief executive

Crossing the bow of the old man

Insufficiently prepared for an unforeseen contingency

There’s the devil to pay and no pitch hot

We shall now adjourn

Hoist the Blue Peter and weigh anchor

Several staff members are asking policy questions

We’ve a few sea lawyers among the hands

Intervene in a consultation without an invitation

Shove an oar in

Reduce quality to increase quantity

Water the grog

An effective temporary measure

A rum jury rig

Cost recovery

Flogging the booty

Reduce overhead to enhance efficiency

Jettison the supercargo

Our initiative failed to meet its planned targets

We were right scuppered

Assert our brand identity

Hoist the Jolly Roger!


coyote said...

Scurvy? Moi? And yesterday, Harmony called me 'mangy'. I don't appreciate this trend at all...

Harmony said...

And I stand by my assessment, you sea-faring, mangy cur of a beast. Cute ears or not.

Woodsy said...

Would Woodsy posting a bosom picture (à la Nursemyra)showing off the special pirate top she wore today in honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day be considered "breaking news?"

Harmony said...

Probably not, Woods. But it would be a rum jury rig to distract the mangy cur Coyote from dominating that niche so much!

Woodsy said...

Harmony, when you talk like that it shivers me timbers!(Yes, I am flirting with you!)