Duncan the Dog Cat is Here!

You may have already seen the news on Zoom's blog. It is true. Duncan is staying with me for a week. What can I tell you? When the Celebrity Cats' bloggers leave town, the Celebrity Cats want to stay with me.

Duncan is a boy cat and I'm told he has boy parts. So the gender issues are straightforward. I am happy to report that he did not sleep on my head last night and he did not try to hop in the shower with me.

However, I am prepared for there to be some weirdness: (1) He brought a ziploc bag full of q-tips with him; and (2) Zoom said that she read somewhere on the internet that Norwegian Forest cats like Duncan "take off their long underwear in the spring." Zoom also said that she wants to be around to see this. I am encouraging Duncan to wait until Zoom is back because I don't want to see him take off his underwear. I've got the thermostat set to 15° C and I say things to him like "look at all that snow out there."

Something I don't understand is how Zoom manages to do any blogging from her house. This is the first five minutes that Duncan has allowed me since he got here. I'm either petting him or listening to him whine about me not petting him.


Aggie said...

Aw. Look at the big hunk of orange goodness. In addition to the petting, are you talking to Duncan, 4D? It's really really important to talk to kitties, especially if they are not in their familiar surroundings.

coyote said...

He's sooo big, I'm nearly... speechless. 'Scuse me. Must be the drool.

So, Shorty: When ya having me in for coffee and a Donut?

Mo said...

Hi Duncan, 4D and the ELS members!

Duncan is a gorgeous boy and he may(if you're very, very nice) give the 4D some (Q)tips and techniques for a whole new breed of knitterly ladies never before attained!

deb said...

Hi Duncan,

I slept with your mommy last night but I didn't sleep on her head. She's having fun but she misses you.

Love Auntie Debbie

Harmony said...

I'm expecting some yummy recipes to be posted any minute, Coyote! Imagine! The ESI blog is really covering all the bases now: (1)the goodness of Mayor LO'B,(2)real estate, (3)celebrity cats, (4)good eating...what next I ask?

JuliaR said...

That's really funny, especially the underwear part. At least he's not an 80 pound Labrador. When they blow their coat in the Spring, it's "Woof"!

Woodsy said...

Hello Deb,

Please tell Zoom that I wandered over to Dwarfie's abode yesterday, and I had a good chat with Duncan. After I reasured him a couple of times that Zoom would be back, he planted a wet kiss on my nose, nestled into the crook of my arm, and purred away for a good half hour. Oh, but he is a heavy one... it's all muscle... He is one buff kitty!

zoom said...

Hi Duncan,

I miss you, you big ol' buff puddinghead you. I hope you're being a good houseguest - whatever you do, don't be eating the Dwarf's visitors. I know that coyote looks mighty tempting, but remember, you're a guest.

Weather's great, wish you were here.

p.s. i'll tell auntie debbie to stop calling me your mommy.

zoom said...

Oh, and woodsy - duncan loves flirting too. I'm not surprised you two hit it off!

duncan said...


zoom said...

I know...me too.


4th Dwarf said...

Too many comments to reply to all, but Aggie, am I talking to Duncan?

You obviously haven't met him. When he's not sleeping, I can barely get a word in edgewise.

This is me in a conversation with Duncan:

"uh huh... uh huh... uh huh... really? but what about... uh huh... uh huh.."