1-handed kitty 'n' meta-blogging

so i m blogging wit 1 hand. because duncan is in my lap and he gets testy when both hands are on the keyboard.

he seems to like to have his neck fur scratched and when his chin is rubbed he gets real dopey.

when he gets that way or falls asleep i've been practising at getting him used to me holding his paws. why? just as i was about to leave with him on tuesday night, zoom said, oh, he could use a manicure. would you mind?

of course not, i said.

oh, good, she said, i've never had the nerve to give him one.

but enough about the cat. how about some meta-blogging...

damn either duncan better get that manicure or i better put on a thicker shirt.

  • over on peripheral vision Kate Wilhelm shows us how to get a controversy going on your blog: link to some artists who have opposite views on the artistic and social merit of one of their works and let them have at it.
i also need a wider lap. my right hand is supporting his head and it's going to cramp up soon. my hand. not his head.
  • Reduction on Myspace is putting 50 small, pamphlet sized artworks, carefully printed by hand from one block of wood on OC Transpo buses around Ottawa. did anybody get 1?
he's asleep now. he's got the cutest little snore. not like mine. there are imperial marches based on my snoring. duncan's snoring would barely rate a lullaby.


duncan said...


zoom said...

Awww, what a sweetums puddyhead.

As for the metablogging, and Reductions's wood block prints on the buses, I have one of her pieces: check this out - http://knitnut.net/?p=587 .

Andrea... said...

Haha... What a great post.

What is it about kitty blogging that makes it so addictive? Or maybe it's just The Charm of Duncan?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Just stopping in to check on Duncan... he looks happy... a tip on kitty manicures.... wait until they fall asleep. It works really well with my mom's cats, my Tux however... I get two toes done and then I get bit and have to wait for him to fall asleep again. Then I do two more, get scratched adn ahve to wait till he goes back to sleep... sometimes I have to wait days in between clippings, so he's usally walking aroudn with varying lengths of claws. Good luck with Duncan's!

Aggie said...

Dwarfie, I'm wondering if you are brushing him enough. Are you?

4th Dwarf said...

Aggie, Wanderingcatstudio, any others,

I know you're only concerned about Duncan's well being, but has it not occurred to you that the reason I am the host to all these Celebrity Cats is that I know what I'm doing?

Anonymous said...

Treats, always have a few treats on hand when trimming Duncan's nails.

Only the BEST for Duncan the amazing Dog Cat!