12 other Mayors with problems


  • Carleton Place Mayor Paul Dulmage has had a private charge issued against him dismissed after a businessman said the mayor threatened to hunt him down like a dog.


  • Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is hanging on for his political life after the revelation that, among 14,000 text messages between him and his chief of staff Christine Beatty, there was evidence of an extramarital affair between the pair -- evidence that contradicts his sworn statements in a whistleblower case brought by former police officers that ended in $9 million in damages against the city.
  • Former Leighton, Alabama, Mayor Robert Ricks was sentenced to 12 months probation following his September conviction on federal extortion charges.
  • The mayor of Berryville, Arkansas, Timothy Ray McKinney, was arrested and booked into the Carroll County Jail early Sunday morning; charged with speeding, driving while intoxicated, and possession of a controlled substance. He was released on bond early Sunday afternoon.
  • Alice, Texas Mayor Grace Saenz-Lopez resigned because of a custody dispute over a Shih Tzu named Puddles. Saenz-Lopez insists she didn't steal her neighbor's pooch.
  • Arlington, Oregon mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist who once stripped to her underwear and posed on a fire truck has been stripped of her office.
  • Bath, New Jersey Mayor David D. Mosey was charged with recklessly endangering another person, reckless driving, careless driving and other motor vehicle violations after it was reported he repeatedly crashed into another vehicle that drifted into his lane while the Mayor was on his way to take a stress test.
  • Police arrested the Mayor of Samson, Alabama, Clay Mchugh King, Friday after he allegedly confronted and stabbed a 44-year-old man he found with his wife.


  • Juan Millán, the Socialist Mayor of the small Málaga village of La Viñuela, faces a possible 18 months in prison in connection with three building licences, in a case where he is charged with perversion of the course of justice and also faces a 17 month ban from public office.
  • The former Mayor of the Málaga village of Cómpeta, the ex Partido Popular Mayor, Leovigildo López, has been banned from any public office position for the next seven years, in a sentence from criminal court No. 1 in the provincial capital which has found him guilty of planning crimes.
Republic of Kalmykia
  • Kalmykia's prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Rady Burulov, the mayor of the republic's capital, Elista, on allegations that his administration overpaid for goods purchased from a company owned by his parents.
United Kingdom
  • The mayor of Pembroke, Wales, Keith McNiffe is to appear in court accused of fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds in disability benefits while refereeing at football matches in west Wales.
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Aggie said...

Larry's not so bad, eh?

Woodsy said...

He's a prize, Aggie...

Aggie said...

This just in. Not mayor yet, but still -- a wannabe. Bad bad bad!!

Conch Shell said...

I think Larry O'Brien is just misunderstood. Let's say the allegations against him are true, IF, well, it's just a sign that he really, really wanted to be mayor, and was willing to fight hard for it. That's a good thing, even if his means weren't completely legal. I mean, I think we're lucky that such a strong, determined person wants to lead our little city. Yes, perhaps he was overzealous (if he did it), but now that he's in the position, such a guy can really help Ottawa.

Woodsy said...

You make a good point, Conch Shell, and as my brother, The Ogre, said so succinctly in referring to the mayor's policies, "It's his city, he should be allowed to do whatever he wants."

zoom said...

That's a very good point Conch. Ottawa can use a mayor who will stop at nothing to get us what he wants. Besides, it's about time we had a mayor who understands the language money speaks.

The way people are carrying on, you'd think he'd been caught having sex with a pigeon in the Tim Horton's parking lot. Sheesh.

Woodsy said...

Speaking of pigeons, New York State knows how to treat its pigeon population.. Yup, click on my name... Now, I wonder, how do they treat their homeless?

Zoom: So, he didn't get caught? Is that what you are saying? I get confused...

zoom said...

I get confused too woodsy, between the pigeon pigeons, the stool pigeons and the euphemistic pigeons.

Anonymous said...

back to Carleton Place - that charge is just the tip of the iceberg, ESIs...