Interviews for Profiles

Dear fellow ESIs:

As you know, I have been completely blocked on the profiles. I had that one great moment of inspiration when I wrote the Chair's profile many moons ago. And, I have regretted even writing the thing, because the rest of you now resent me for not writing about you.

To remedy this problem, I would like each of you to fill out the following survey which will serve as a starting place for each profile. Megan suggested that it would be more fair to begin with the Irregular who blogs the most frequently. So, perhaps Dwarfie could complete the survey first. Thank you for your cooperation.



What do you consider to be your best quality?
What do you like to do when you are not blogging?
Tell me about your pets.
Tell me about your pet peeves.
If you were a pillow, what kind would you be?
If someone were to make you a pillow, what would you like it to look like?


The Independent Observer said...

Aggie, the beauty of your first profile of The Chair, and what made the other ESIs drip with envy, was the fact you crafted this heartfelt wordsketch on your very own. Asking us to help out by filling in a soul-destroying form turns the entire exercise into a tawdry burlesque.

coyote said...

"Tawdry burlesque" indeed. You have a fine touch with a phrase, IO. And you may have hit the nail on the head.

I suspect that Aggie thinks she is applying one of those 'people management' techniques by delegating responsibility. But in doing so, I believe she is in fact attempting to avoid taking a responsibility that is rightfully hers... self-assigned, in fact.

And not only is the form soul-destroying to us, but so is Aggie's blatant attempt to shirk what should be a truly splendid character-building exercise for herself... for her own sake, she needs to do this. It is our bound duty to supportively persuade Aggie to take back up this torch that is so rightfully hers.

Oh, the humanity! Er, the observer-ity, dwarf-ity, conch-ity, and coyote-ity... not to mention the audrey-ity, painted-stickity, amazon-ity and harmony-ity. We're a diverse bunch.

Aggie said...

Tawdry burlesque?? Wow. That hurts! Would it make it better if I interviewed each of you in person - you know, to put a human face on the form?

4th Dwarf said...

Aggie, just do whatever works for you.

IO and Coyote, you lazy asses, save your exaggerated rhetoric for answering Agatha's questions and fill out the form! She gives and gives and you just take and take.

I've told Aggie about my pets and pet peeves. I'm sure she is now well on her way to crafting an inspired profile of me.

coyote said...

I hope it contains the phrase, "shameless wanker"...

Aggie said...

That's right. I give and give and give....
When are we bringing in the cogent Megan as a consultant?

zoom said...

For what it's worth, I thought the idea of a form was brilliant, Aggie.