Meta Contest Update

So far we have 5 entries in the new Meta Contest:

  1. Urban Pedestrian: one of Aggie's home-made muumuus;
  2. Woodsy: the t-shirt with "Rock on" spelled out on the front and "Anyhoo" on the back specifically, one of those very tight slinky numbers (size petite);
  3. Urban Pedestrian: a new pair of pink go-go boots, size 7 1/2;
  4. Harmony: World Peace; specifically first inner disarmament, then outer disarmament; and
  5. Apostrophe: a kick in the ass.

One of the contestants has decided to call on various world leaders to influence our decision-making. Perhaps this will sway other contest judges, but not me.

You still have time to enter, and the earlier you enter, the more time you have for your lobbying efforts.


Harmony said...

Ah Dwarf. You misinterpret my dear friend the Dalai Lama's intent. None of our public campaign was bent toward influencing the good ESIs' judgment in this contest. Be at peace in that regard, Dwarfie. So-to-speak.

Aggie said...

I would like to suggest some prize ideas for those of you out there who like to put in a submission. The suggestions I make won't necessary win -- my goal is just to help get the ball rolling, juices flowing, so to speak. Here are some prize ideas:
1) The chance to consult with the ESI team about the future challenges and opportunities for the ESI blog.
2) An opportunity to find us another muse to metablog.
3) Dinner with Coyote
4) One of 4th Dwarf's Google poems tailored to your particular needs.
5) An opportunity to take minutes at an ESI meeting, write them up and post them on our blog.

coyote said...



Oh. Well. If THOSE are the kind of prizes we're supposed to be suggesting and I can't have the pink boots then please put me down for one #2.

Thank you.