Google Poem: 21 Things

  1. The important thing is that you got it done.
  2. The amusing thing is that I didn't really lose any weight.
  3. The sad thing is that when Einstein was about, there were ample indicators that Newton had fallen on his face.
  4. The interesting thing is that, if you're creative, there may be things at work that you're not even aware of.
  5. The ironic thing is that this may be a very progressive thing.
  6. No, the strange thing is that in almost every story people will sleep part of, or in many cases, the entire night, on top of the corpse before reporting it.
  7. The odd thing is that I’m OK with this schizophrenia. I enjoy it even.
  8. The unfortunate thing is that it’s always very late.
  9. The sensation is unbelievable ... and the amazing thing is that it just never stops.
  10. The scary thing is that you're on a starvation diet and your BMI is only 20.7.
  11. The weird thing is that Adolf Hitler haircut that Tom Cruise is wearing these days.
  12. Indeed, the remarkable thing is that in Spain there is a species of wild goat, the Spanish Ibex, Capra pyrenaica.
  13. The surprising thing is that Mike had no idea I’ve been blogging about online video sites for months.
  14. The neatest thing is that I can even watch naughty movies.
  15. The coolest thing is that ALL of the sound effects are synthesized in realtime, on the fly!
  16. The oddest thing is that 8 maids-a-milking only cost $41.20.
  17. The funniest thing is that Russian soldiers have fewer rights than prisoners.
  18. The worst thing is that we work non-profit, so we don't make very much.
  19. The weirdest thing is that while it's the loudest tune on the set, it features Norman Blake on acoustic guitar with Burnett.
  20. The cruellest thing is that their enormous size makes them all the more distended and more tempting to pop.
  21. The saddest thing is that i have to go home after all the shangrilas by myself .



Woodsy said...

This is different!

If I call you a Google poem genius (which you are), do I have a better chance at winning the Meta Contest?

4th Dwarf said...

Woodsy, you haven't been following this blog long if you think complimenting me will help you convince the other ESIs to choose you for the contest winner.

Woodsy said...

And if I wear it au naturel, then will you try to convince them?

4th Dwarf said...

By au naturel do you mean without a brassiere?

If so, I'd predict a positive impact for you on the votes of 5 of the 6 ESIs.

coyote said...

But bringing lotsa really good chocolate to an emergency meeting will have a positive impact on six of six votes...

I'm just sayin'...

Now get a room, you two.