Postcardy goodness

What are vacations good for? Sending postcards.

Once you get past certain paranoid conspiracy theories (2) about the name (Why do noids always come in pairs, and what the hell are they, anyway...?), the footbridge over the Rideau Canal turns out to be a terrific spot for taking sunset pix all full of postcardy goodness.

I'll forebear from calling it the "new" footbridge, because, well, certain lame-o federal political parties have been takin' fully-deserved flack lately about a rebranded "new" government that's not much older than this bridge.

But check it out -- any given night, a half-dozen-odd turistas line up at the rail 'round sundown, point tiny cameras toward the Chateau, then ooh and aah at the spectacular results. At least when it's not raining. But if it is raining, certain ducks in this picture would be fine with that...

We coyotes approve of ducks in any weather. Tasty, tasty ducks. Orange sauce is nice, too.

Having a great time. Wish you were here.

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benwaydr said...

Great picture even for the breed that inhabits cold storage in quickie convenience type places. I recall the opposition to this bridge saying it would not be used (current stats seem to prove otherwise). Of course they said the same about the O Train expansion. A pity that the Life on Mars probe is not putting Ottawa City Council on their list of targets given Lex's crusade against the expensive (7 Thou per yr) crack pipe program, public health, and of course Ottawa Transit.