Fourth Dwarf on Facebook

When I first heard about Facebook, I assumed it was the devil's tool. I still think it may be. 4th Dwarf announced last evening that he is a proud Facebook user and that he has lots of "friends", including an ex who solicited him to be her "friend" moments after his setting up the account.

I asked Dwarfie to explain what he does on Facebook and he said, "I talk to my friends." He seemed pleased with himself. He also talked about the "wall", and I never understood what this was all about. Writing on the wall? Everyone sees the writing on the wall? I don't get it.

Dwarfie was particularly proud of his Facebook photo which he said was very flattering. Congratulations to 4th Dwarf for being the most technologically advanced Irregular!


4th Dwarf said...

Did I say I talk to my friends? That's is not strickly true.

When friends ask me to confirm that I am their friend, I do so, and I type in how I know them.

(E.g. "We worked the same shift down the Springhill No. 4 on the coal face")

coyote said...

Short Stuff is the most techno-illogically advanced? But how can that be? I have the pressure cooker...!

4th Dwarf said...

My Facebook Index:

Days I have been on Facebook: 7

Number of "Friends" on Facebook: 10

Number of "Friends" who gave me a lukewarm greeting when they passed me on Elgin Street today: 1

Number of upcoming parties that I am not invited to that I've learned about on Facebook that are thrown by someone who gets invited to my parties: 1

Number of "Friends" who have a naked picture of themselves on Facebook: 1

Number of "Friends" who have comments on their "wall" about them getting naked: 2

Number of "Friends" who are ex-girlfriends: 1

Asteroidea Press said...

Eesh, I hope the ex-girlfriend "Friend" is a different 1 from the 1 with naked pictures.