Things we noticed on our field trip to Westfest

Many polite youngsters in this town can hang out enjoying themselves and they don't seem to smoke cigarettes.

Photo: Coyote

A longer line-up at the Bridgehead than at the Starbucks.

Not enough rowdy drunk people to make Audrey feel like she was at a proper festival.

Kathleen Edwards is nice to look at if you can get close enough to see her.

A man on roller blades wearing a kilt.

Although the Works only serves hamburgers and cheeseburgers on their patio, if you go inside and ask if you can have a poutine to-go because you have an American friend here for only two days who has never had poutine, they will quietly bring one out "on the house" for your American friend and it is not at all a bad poutine.

Photo: Coyote (on food setting)

Westboro is really nice. Too bad it's in Westboro. . .


Aggie said...

I somewhat enjoyed Day 1 of Westfest- particularly the poutine part. Kathleen Edwards was good, too. I liked when she asked people overlooking the show from their condo balconies how much rent they were paying. I prefer the raunchier immature KE to the instrospective KE... Anyway, I went very very briefly to Westfest on Day 2 with a friend. My friend referred to it as "a lame-ass festival", and suggested we go drink at Pub Italia, which we did.

bob said...

I think i kind of agree with your friend aggie. I went briefly on sat night, but after paying 6 bux for a beer and not wanting to wait in line for overpriced food, we walked all the way to the table to eat. Then we drank all night at the oak.

I guess the one thing westfest definitely excels at is propping up the alternatives!