Blogs that are NOT Musie's

In case any of you are new readers to our blog, we recommend you click on "What's going on here" under the photo of Elgin Street, top right hand corner. Our original mission was to metablog the 5th Muse . We loved her, but she loved us less, we think. We suspect that we freaked/creeped her out.

Since she went offline, I have been diligently searching for her, and have found blogs that I thought may be hers, but weren't. Here are some of them:

Metamuse: I thought that the 5th Muse might start calling herself Metamuse in honour of us. When I typed in METAMUSE , I ended up finding this woman with with sexy legs, claiming to be from Pluto, who writes in both English and Chinese.

Unreliable Narrator: I was certain that Musie would give this name to her new blog. This was a dead-end blog, written by some American whose last posting was June 17 (Martin Luther King Day), 2005.

Unreliable: By accident, I ended up at this delightful blog . I was instantly drawn to the young poet, Annie, but her blog also ended in 2005. Check out this sweet little poem about a broken vase.

Metablog: I thought that perhaps in honour of us, Musie would call her new blog, metablog. I ended up on some lazy-ass professor's blog who made blogging into an assignment. There are some scarey comments on there, so don't click on any wierd links. Maybe one of the students didn't like the assignment. Yikes.

6th Muse: I thought maybe Musie was ready for a number change. So, I ended up here. When I saw the header, "I bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead," I was sure I had found her. But, no. It's not her. Musie wouldn't post a picture of George and Laura.

I think I may be on to something with one spot, though. I simply typed in ESI, thinking that perhaps Musie misses us and gets all nostalgic sometimes. I ended up here. I'm sure it's Musie, trying to communicate with us.

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Harmony said...

Good sleuthing Aggie. There's also
this one, which is a blog mostly about a baby, and featuring a host of anonymous characters called by the initials "D," "T," and most coincidentally, "R." But sigh, it's not Musie.