My 20 favourite things (other than sex):

In Honour of Audrey's List:

My 20 favourite things (other than sex):

  1. Warm weather
  2. Sunshine
  3. Walking with a friend
  4. Getting a big cheque
  5. Watching things grow
  6. Lakes
  7. Drinking beer at the Preferred Place with friends
  8. Reading a good novel
  9. The sound of rural open spaces in summer time
  10. Cooking exotic cuisine
  11. morning coffee
  12. When *redacted* brings me coffee in the morning
  13. decks (with good conversation, or a book, or coffee, or good sounds)
  14. cuddling
  15. watching movies
  16. My mother
  17. my cat
  18. yoga
  19. Watching Young and the Restless (lame, but true)
  20. drinking good red wine, at home
  21. When *redacted* fills my wine glass without me asking
P.S. I didn't add things like: the happiness of others, when wars end, when cancer goes into remission, because I didn't think of them until my list was finished. And then I felt bad, and decided as penance that I still couldn't list them.

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4th Dwarf said...

I hope Painted Stick doesn't get concerned about who *redacted* might be.