A pleasant goosing

I awoke rather early to the sound of honking the other morning. Strange, I thought, there's rarely traffic on my street at this hour.

Then it dawned on me - Canada Geese were gliding through the darkness above, returning from their winter sojourn.

I glanced over at the clock: 4:56 a.m. But I didn't mind.

I drifted back to sleep knowing that in a world of constant change I could count on at least one tradition to remain comfortingly the same.


4th Dwarf said...

Are you sure you can count on this?

* Migratory species threatened by global warming

* Wetlands in Danger

* Anti-geese prejudice

Perhaps you should take action.

Harmony said...

IO, I'm glad you aren't one of
Audrey's friends who just can't sleep (see below). To be able to drift back to zzzzz after being goosed awake is a very good thing.

There is a bird in my neighborhood that sounds like a jackhammer, and he starts up pre-dawn, which these days is about 4am. Ahhhh...spring.

The Independent Observer said...

With me, Harmony, it's usually waking up that's the problem, not falling asleep. I guess I'm lucky.

Given Dwarf's findings, maybe the geese are the ones who should have most trouble napping.