Emergency Meeting: What's going on here?

It is 6:52 a.m. I am up because my cat decided to come home at this hour. It's sad when your cat has a better social life than you do. But, that's another posting... I thought I'd take this early bird opportunity to give an update on what's going with the ESIs. I called an Emergency Meeting at the Usual Spot on Friday to discuss the ESI's failure to blog. While we did not take formal minutes, here is the gist of what I got from our meeting.

Present at the Meeting: Aggie, 4th Dwarf, Coyote, The Chair, Conch Shell, Harmony, Audrey, and Painted Stick. The IO informed us that he is "fighting something" and was unable to attend.

Reasons for non-blogging:The Chair had a health breakdown over the holidays -- a really really really bad cold. We suspect the IO is currently fighting that really really really bad cold.

Harmony has been busy performing with Painted Stick. She's also been tending to the sick, including one with a really really really bad cold.

Aggie, Coyote and 4th Dwarf suffered from their own special versions of some kind of holiday existential crisis. Aggie tried to remedy this with Christmas baking, but that failed miserably.

Conch Shell has time to show up for Emergency Meetings to drink, but has no time to blog. She continues to be busy with important world-saving stuff.

Audrey suggested we have a party to which each of us would bring a stranger. A stranger to the others, that is; not a complete, fucking stranger. But, the rule would be that we wouldn't be permitted to talk about our blog or blogging. We all agreed that this could be a useful exercise for us right now.

Other topics of discussion: How we hoped for a political sex scandal. Inappropriate pinching to determine body fat index.

The Usual Spot: There were complaints about the crowdedness, the body heat wafting off of the hoards, the crankiness of the staff. We agreed that more publogging needed to occur.

Sightings: the Goddess. Fortunately, we didn't have the usual argument over which of us she desires most: ("She wants me." "No, it's me, she wants...You see the way she smiles at me" etc., etc..) Lots of mojo flowing from the Goddess, as always.

Second sighting: the Crazy Woman. This is what broke up the meeting. Aggie, Coyote and 4th Dwarf fled. Coyote was the first to spot her, and was the first one out the door. We couldn't see his ass for dust.


coyote said...

Dame Aggie, ma'am, dust baths are an important part of coyote hygiene. Also, coincidentally, chinchilla hygiene. You could look it up. I leave you to draw your own conclusions...

Harmony said...

Coyote...never advise others to just will-nilly draw their own conclusions. You never know what they'll start thinking. I mean, people think wild things about other people all of their own accord. If you invite them to think freely, with your own personal encouragement, all about you AND chinchillas, for example, well, goodness knows what's next.
And speaking of what's next, I'd like to know, in detail, all about the existential crises faced by Aggie, Dwarfie and Coyote. Details, please. Thus may we reach true intimacy.