Aggie's favourite band: Bob Marley and the Waiters

I have never been in a band. That would probably require at least a thimble full of musical ability. Too bad. Because, as the Bucky Awards understand, one of the best things about forming a group is choosing a name. Here's my shortlist of contenders, in case I suddenly find myself in a sonic collaboration:

(*) The Unhappy Campers
(*) Generation Zed
(*) The Frickin' Wallendas
(*) Johnny Resfellow and the Community Standards
(*) Blogworthy

Beijing punk rockers Brain Failure
Photo: www.covertbooking.com


Agatha said...

Some other band names:
The Oversized Load (or is there already a band by that name?)
Aggie and the Lemon Squares
Coyote and the Biscottis
4th Dwarf (Just that, 4th Dwarf)
The Chair and the Barstools (not to be confused with the Barstool Prophets).

coyote said...

What about my personal fantasy, the highly derivative Big Jeezuz Fire Hydrant? And of course, one of my favourite actual band names, The Chocolate Bunnies From Hell...