Publog Research: Café Paradiso

Based on fieldwork by the Independent Observer, Agatha, AODWF (Aggie's Off-Duty Waiter Friend), Coyote, and the Research Director, on 23 December 2006:

The Pluses (or things we'd rip off wholesale our spot)

  • Garage door windows that can be opened onto the street in fine weather (They were closed when we were there...) ;
  • Funky future-deco curved ceiling and wall details;
  • Nifty light fixtures that looked like little Sputnik satellites, that 4th Dwarf would've liked a lot if he'd been there;
  • A well-handled fusion menu (Butternut Squash Chili and Apricot and Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Supreme were sampled and judged excellent);
  • A superior live jazz trio playing selections by Vince Guaraldi;
  • Service that blended attentiveness and efficiency without becoming presumptuously chummy (We believe waiter-waitee relationships desirable, but best when cultivated over time);
  • Enough beautiful/handsome/rich patrons to create an exclusive atmosphere.

The Minuses (or things we should avoid)

  • No convenient watering dish for thirsty dogs at the entrance;
  • A waiter who was shocked (Shocked!) to discover that the Paradiso in fact sold pitchers of draught beer -- although he did manage to unearth a clean pitcher and serve it up, once informed that this was the case;
  • A decided lack of solo French fry or potato wedge items on the menu, although these could be had with main dishes. AODWF also noted the absence of an intriguingly exotic comestible he called 'deluxe poutine' (don't ask);
  • Portion sizes that certain circumferentially-enhanced, low-altitude, high-attitude ESI members would have considered most disappointing, had they been in attendance, and;
  • Atmosphere perhaps a little too upmarket and exclusive for ESIs and their usual circle.

These work against it being a regular hangout for our target market, although it's certainly a nice place to dress up for and visit occasionally. Assuming, of course, that you're not wearing permanent fur already.


Agatha said...

Yes, definitely too upscale to be our 'usual spot'...

Harmony said...

But Aggie, I'd like to point out that in my own research into Cafe Paradiso, I discovered an EXTREMELY charming and cute, youngish waiter. So perhaps you should rethink just how often you'd like to visit the place?