Things that go click in the night

An acquaintance is grappling with a mystery. Her television frequently turns on by itself in the middle of the night. Prime theories to explain this odd phenomenon:

1) The TV was manufactured on a Monday
2) North Korea's Kim Jong Il is beaming electromagnetic waves at North America to mess with our minds and our home appliances
3) Gnomes
4) People are wandering around on the sidewalk with remote controls, randomly zapping away
5) The TV, unable to start a blog, has found another way of expressing itself


coyote said...

Mmmm. Wonder if the American embassy staff have fired up their military-strength (and oh-so-highly-secret) garage-door opener again...? Er, not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything. I leave that to the Short Guy.

bob said...

If she has access to a video camera, she should film it, and see if the camera mysteriously turns itself off in the middle of the night. Failing that, she should leave it unplugged one night, cause if it was still on in the morn, that'd be... well, weird.

Harmony said...

I vote for number 5, and failing that, believe the TV is turning itself on in search of some holiday treats. Have you baked for your TV lately?

Pearl said...

lol. I'm torn between 3 and 5.