Publog Research: 4th Ave Wine Bar

Based on fieldwork by Coyote, 4D, the Chair, Audrey, Conchie, the Research Director, Painted Stick and Aggie on 19 December 2006:

The Pluses (or things we should try to copy in our spot)

  • Huge fish tank;
  • Excellent red wine; and
  • Full-size robot sculpture made of junk (at least I think it's a sculpture and not just a robot that's been switched off).

The Minuses (or things we should avoid)

  • Diabolically uncomfortable bar stools;
  • $ 5 for a tiny plate of spindly little fries that arrive without salt (instead of a large basket of big potato wedges);
  • Waiter takes one person's drink order, ignores others with empty glasses, (and is apparently anti-dwarfistic); and
  • A croque-monsieur with fries (spindly little ones) and a salad takes an hour to make.


Conch Shell said...

As well, I worry that the 4th Avenue wine bar was rather empty for the first 2 years of its business. I think this was because of it's tucked away location, just off Bank. It didn't get the foot traffic.
So, our new Publog should be in a spot that gets lots of passersby.

Agatha said...

I'm not sure it is just the location that is the problem with this place....
I'd like to recommend the Oz Kafe for our next Emergency Meeting. I just came from there.

coyote said...

But if it's closed Mondays, Ms. Aggie, that would mean rescheduling the Regular Emergency Meeting....

Conch Shell said...

Why would it be closed on Mondays?

4th Dwarf said...

While you may think it is part of the conspiracy against us, I bet you anything they are closed on Mondays so they can play dodgeball at the Jack Purcell Community Centre!