Top ten ways for Musie to get R thrilled about her blogging

10. Claim that since curtailing the blogging, she’s felt like joining the Conservative Party

9. “I blog or get 3 kittens. Your choice”

8. Blog that you’re back together with M, and the whole R thing was just a dream sequence, like in that show Dallas

7. It’s crude. It’s manipulative. It’s fellatio.

6. “I blog or Coyote moves in. Your choice”

5. Keep out any obvious physical descriptions that may identify him such as his messy curly red hair….oops…too late…don’t read that.

4. “I blog or you must listen to every little mundane nuance of my life for which I need an outlet. Your choice.”

3. Tell him she’s doing it for the “underdogs” out there in blogland – for example, the ESIs

2. Next blog entry: How to get along with a guy with a big penis

1. Only blog in his presence. In the nude.

[...R's not thrilled I'm blogging again...]


coyote said...

Underdog? Moi? Speak for yourself, buster. Some of us are uberdogs...

4th Dwarf said...

#1 alternate title for this posting:

Top Ten Ways for His Girlfriend to Get the Chair out of the Living Room and into the Parts of the House where there's Work to be Done