R is a keeper

I loved Musie's latest posting: 10 things she loves about her husband. I'm beginning to think that certain ESIs (particularly those of us who have bad relationship karma) could learn something from Musie. I'm hoping that she will share some of her wisdom about love in a post-modern world.


coyote said...

Re: thing #7 -- R's brother is Red Green...?

4th Dwarf said...

Coyote! If he was Mr. Green, I suspect you'd have just committed an ethics committee violation.

More to the point, I think 5M is saying that she doesn't find R handsome. Probably downright ugly, what with the messy red hair, looking out for the underdog, and all that friendliness.

Of course, you've never met him. He's a skinny thing. And not a whisker on his chin.

The Chair said...

Messy Red Hair? Sense of humour? Varied talents? Faith in the underdog?

I think Musie might be married to this guy