What now?

"What now?" the 5M asks. And so do I. Since my return from the Riviera, I have been suffering from an acute case of blog block.
She says she's "got us". I'm not sure what that means. I don't think she's got us anymore than we've got her.
Maybe we ESIs need to reconfigure ourselves as a breakup recovery team.


4th Dwarf said...

[i'm typing with one finger because one of my hands is holding a phone that is playing violin music. i'd rather it played fiddle music, but it's not like they gave me a choice after i pressed 0. now and then a lass comes on and reminds me that my call is important to them.]

how about that 'why didn't you just arrange a full-on meeting with me for the reveal?' question from 5m? obviously she has no idea how complicated it all was. the emails, the meetings, bringing in a professional ethicist... [reminder: we still haven't done anything with the 'streaker with a bag over his head' analogy that he gave us.]

and she assumes we figured it would be a 'a shot in the arm' for her and knew it would make her paranoid.

i'll tell you one thing. i never figured it'd help her get over M. not that i really believe it now, but in hindsight, how could seeing the true story of what really happened with the kitties not turn her heart against him finally.

[my call is still important to them. and i'm maintaining my calling priority, i could share some additional thoughts i had on alpha a, but i'll let someone else have a go.]

Conch Shell said...

Aggie, I know, it's hard. You've been away, it's a lot to adjust to.
There's that whole urge of creating a meta-meta blog, to return us into our quiet little prediscovery stage.
However, at the moment I'm wondering about the meaning of a kiss. I consulted the experts, and found a 16-year-old American girl who has vowed not to kiss anyone until the night of her wedding.

In her explanation, the virginal hearted girl quotes Elisabeth Elliot in Passion and Purity: "Can I say categorically that a kiss is a sin? I can say that it might be. I can say that it might take the edge off, spoil the taste and the pleasure later on. It might reduce power. It might distract the heart. . ."
There's more here about how casual kissing can deceive the mind, and prevent true-love from being found.

4th Dwarf said...

Oh, dear, [Yes, I talked to a person finally. All sorted out.]

This 16-year-old's view on kissing raises all sorts of questions. Will she go straight to second or third base without the kissing? Substitute with nose rubbing?

How will she feel if she winds up with someone who doesn't kiss a way she likes? Or vice versa? Will she practice kissing her arm do you suppose?

Will she just get married early so she can get a kiss? or will she actually last that long?

4th Dwarf said...

I might be about to bring down the wrath of the CRTF for over-commenting, but wanted to share this with you.

It's a blogpost I just stumbled across with an interesting object lesson in what can be learned about someone on the web.

Lana said...

Why don't you all just agree to meet her? She's extremely smart and interesting and you won't have to ask to borrow her quilting thread. : ) Good grief already!

Agatha said...

We know she is smart and interesting. Some ESIs even have crushes on her. That's why we have an Ethics Committee.

4th Dwarf said...

And now, more juicy stuff about the lcp. The blonde bombshell vs the dark muse.

and the lcp neither original nor sensitive?

[Rats, I can't find a link to Fred Flintstone doing his love poem to Wilma:
...Your shell-like ears,
and dainty hands,
Eyes so black,
Like frying pans

Lana said...

Ethics smethics. *bok*

4th Dwarf said...

Ah ha, gang, Lana's got you on that last one.

and Aggie, I don't think you have much of a clue about who anyone has a crush on.

coyote said...

I'm wondering if this new plot twist has Shakespearean overtones, or even an over-Archie theme?

coyote said...

Oh, and re: That Kiss. I'm with Dwarf here, Conch. Doesn't this girl have any urge to practice, so that she has a better chance of getting it right? Or does she assume that avoiding embarrassing nose collisions on her wedding night is a matter of 'purest' instinct?

Corrie said...

I'd say something here but I'm afraid it would just be deleted.

coyote said...

Oh, go ahead. Say it. I have a big nose. Yeah, I might know what I'm talking about on this one.

Corrie said...

Now, how'd you know what I was thinking? Clairvoyant coyote?