The Independent Observer's Summary from the past week

It's not the size of the telescope, it's how you use it.
In the spirit of Agatha's update following the memorable Crisis Weekend, here's a precis of the last seven days:

1) After receiving the fateful e-mail, the 5M pored over the metablog last Monday morning. She seemed intrigued, flattered and, to her credit, only slightly defensive about the most critical comments. The Muse even suggested a meeting. The ESIs felt that was rushing things.

2) A meeting was convened to discuss the day's events. Coyote, 4th Dwarf, Conch Shell and the IO wished the Sixth Apostle a successful journey to the Vatican. It was noted that Agatha telegraphed a message from the Riviera inquiring about events.

3) The 5M continued to peruse the metablog archives and, understandably perhaps, felt the need to defend certain actions and comments. Much blogging ensued. But the tone was mutually respectful and at times playful (see the 6A's depiction of the 5M as a South Parkie).

4) A red flag went up for Conch Shell when the 5M mentioned she still loved M, sparking generous and fruitful discussion.

5) The 5M began engaging the ESIs not only through e-mails (how old are you guys? do you know me? were you the people in the back of the martini joint last night?), but by referring to the Elgin Streeters on her blog in a good-natured way and by posting directly to the metablog. Some of the 5M's regular posters and many of her lurkers (BlogAdmin figures about 100 people visit her site daily) stopped in to check out the metablog. Some posted, most just had a look and left.

6) In the midst of all this, 4th Dwarf took the wheel of the good ship ESI and reminded all of his preference for rough justice, while restraining his most piratical instincts -- so far. The one-legged scallywag also immediately brought a distinctive and (to my mind) most engaging nautical flair to the metablog visuals. What BlogAdmin will think of this I shudder to imagine.

7) The 5M turned the tables on the ESIs by commissioning her own poll (!) as to what she should write about in her blog. Thus, The True Eventual Story of the (l)ower (c)ase (p)oet began, and continues.

8) Our Muse also revealed that M had been in touch with the Trois-Rivieres chick, now known as J, against the 5M's wishes. Following a round of paw-pointing and much breathless banter among the ESIs, the 5M intervened to state that what really upset her was M had concealed from her these contacts (a phone call and some e-mails) with the 3R chick.

9) In other developments: the 5M has done some lava-dating, but now seems to be on hiatus; the Dude continues to hover platonically in the background; Minty is being her usual supportive self; the Muse has become more sensitive to the fact she is not so anonymous, hence the changes to her blog subtitle and declaration that it is all a work of fiction. Kind of like life, no?


Corrie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
4th Dwarf said...

We'll have no mutinous talk on this blog!

Corrie said...

You megalomaniacal sea-sucking, scurvy-on-a-good-day &%$&*^%dwarf-sized pirate...

And I say that with no exclamation marks because I'm really *&^%^%*&-ed, and singing very quietly.

How DARE you remove my comment? When I next get within a sea's-length of your pathetic, over-nourished and under-powered scrawny hide, you had better watch out...

4th Dwarf said...


I'm just going to leave that one up for a little while so that you're not the only one who understands the power I wield here!

The Independent Observer said...

It appears that until you manage to lure the feisty pirate onto your rocky shores with one of those hypnotic tunes, Siren, he will continue to captain the ESI ship.

coyote said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
4th Dwarf said...


What part of "We'll have no mutinous talk on this blog!" isna clear t'ye?

coyote said...

And where is that silver-tongued fibber that was recently telling us all that pirate ships are democracies?

coyote said...

"There's really not much need fer punishment aboard a pirate ship. We're all united in a common goal, the leadership is generally elected and the standards for discipline are a sight more relaxed than on a government vessel."
--Fourth Dwarf, circa two days ago.

4th Dwarf said...

On a government ship, mutinous talk warrants the death penalty. Here yer comment is deleted. Take yer pick.

4th Dwarf said...

Besides this is nae ship. Tis a blog and I'm in charge.

Agents A and O said...

Have you wankers not noticed that 5M has a fascinating new post about "Alpha A"?

Corrie said...

Agents a and o, take a hike.

Off a plank, if I'm to paraphrase the alleged leader of this blog.

IO, you should be PARTICULARLY concerned about the uncalled-for censorship of my comment, as it concerned YOU.

And Pirate, you are in serious waters here. IO, I don't think I'll be needing to lure him anywhere. I'm going to run into him, sooner or later, and there'll be no soothing singing going on, I'll have you know. Fisticuffs more likely, and despite his HUGE weight advantage, I'll be mopping the deck with him.

And that's the poop deck.

4th Dwarf said...

Okay, enough of that. It's late.

If I had the energy, I'd start a new post because how about today's entries!?

The Alpha A story is terrific. I wonder how long A had been thinking about asking "should we date?" before he did. Was he crushed when 5M said all the reasons for not doing it? Did he figure "let's think about it" meant "no"?

He's what 32? Don't 32-year-old guys know that "let's think about it" means you've got a better than even chance of being in there? (I leave calculating exact probabilities to Blog Admin, but Bloggie's still under the weather.)

Then the new instalment of the lcp story - fantastic. My favourite line "M didn’t believe in private displays of affection".

(D'ye think I should mention that 'twas traditionally more likely for a bomb t'be fired from a mortar or even a howitzer than from a cannon?)