What happens with no kissing

This morning I read about the sixteen year old, who said she wouldn't kiss until she was married. By the way, her name was Bethany Patchin. She'd written this in a Christian magazine. The mag got 100 letters. A fellow contributor, Sam Torode, wrote a rebuttal, also published.

Referring to Patchin's desire to keep her bow tied, he wrote, "This sort of statement cannot help but drive young Christian men mad with desire. I can see the love letters pouring in now, from saps all over the country, proposing to poor Ms. Patchin. Never underestimate reverse psychology!"

He then quoted Flannery O'Connor: "She had never been kissed before and she was pleased to discover that it was an unexceptional experience and all a matter of the mind's control. Some people might enjoy drain water if they were told it was vodka."
I will have you know, within the year these two were married. Within one week of that, she was pregnant. And still only 19.


4th Dwarf said...

Sam and Bethany got married within a year of her saying she wouldn't kiss anyone until she got married?

Hmm, I feel an idea coming to me...

coyote said...

So the clever scamps were using the magazine as a Christian LavaLife, then? Someone call the Pope!

The Independent Smooching Observer said...

Fortunately for our inexperienced kisser, there are plenty of useful resources such as this:
"In order to avoid clashing noses, a couple will often turn their faces to one side or another when
kissing, so that their heads are at an angle from one another. Writing in Nature, psychologist Oner Güntürkün observed couples kissing in public places such as airports and parks, and showed that the direction of turning is more frequently to the right than the left by a 2:1 ratio. Güntürkün ascribed this asymmetry to a neonatal right side preference."

coyote said...

Is it the opposite direction in the Antipodes?

Conch Shell said...

Number of calories you burn by kissing for one minute: 26