Metablog to M: Renew your Passport

How many times did you vote?

As we can see from this entirely scientological poll, the majority of responders want to see M sent far away.

The weakness of these polls is really illustrated in the "talk about him" or "don't talk him" choices. Are the "don't talk about him" people voting that way because they think it's the harsher punishment and he deserves it? because they think it's a softer punishment and maybe he'll pay for his conduct in other ways (if he's not been punished already)? or are they just sick of hearing and talking about M?

I could handle more M-talk, but frankly, I'm enjoying this lcp and Alpha A stuff we're getting more.

And Bob - what about Bob? We like him.

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Agatha said...

4D, I see you've put up a new poll. Is there some trouble in the wind that you'd like to share with your crew? Should we climb into our lifeboats? I guess you'll be going down with the ship, eh?