The Navy Guy

I'm assuming this is not the gay Navy guy (why am I thinking of the Village People?)
I did have a bit of a deja-vu reading the 5M's latest, but can't find her original post. I have to confess, the 5M's description of M's "consoling" shoulder pat put a lump in my throat.


Conch Shell said...

And I too must confess, I don't find talk of M boring, rather, red flag raising.

4th Dwarf said...

Wasn't there a military guy who turned out to be gay?

Oh, here it is Weds. July 6th. Former RMC Guy named R, served with M at Cold Lake, living with his boyfriend.

In that story:

R was being provocative, he said to M,

"So, is there anyone in your family who is going to give her the grandchildren she wants?"

M guffawed and said, too loudly, "No!" Then he turned to me, "Sorry about that."

Probably a different guy. Isn't Cold Lake more of an Air Force posting?

[I've been thinking about the "kissing" vow. The question was: what do I want so badly that I'd give up kissing until I get it? The only answer I can come up with is kissing. So here is my vow: I'm not kissing anyone until they kiss me too.]

coyote said...

Conch, her feelings about M. are ambivalent, and that's okay. She is, after all, still sorting through the debris, and it wasn't a totally negative relationship. Just mostly.

And Dwarf, yes, Cold Lake is an Air Force posting, northeast of Edmonton, near the Saskatchewan border -- an air weapons testing range, to be precise. Guess they figure the only thing up there that they would scare with all of their bangings and flashings and crashings would be a few of my cousins.

As for the kissing conundrum, yer on yer own. Good luck with that.

Conch Shell said...

I don't think giving up kissing works if you've already kissed before. One cherry, one smacker. Once upon a time I had a group of friends who formed the New Virgins club. It was deemed, after six months of no sexual activity, one could enter the club.

4th Dwarf said...

Aye, Coyote, I figured y'd say something like that. Not hard to guess who's voting for the "twist in the wind" option.

coyote said...

I haven't voted yet. I'm mulling over my ethical responsibilities.

Corrie said...

I haven't voted yet either. I figure my vote will just end up deleted.

coyote said...

Oh, hey Conch, I bet there'd be a market for some kind of New Virgins franchise operation among evangelicals. They're already into the whole Born Again thing -- so why not Born Again Virgins? And if some people chose to interpret the membership as Bethany Patchin types, and some chose to be, er, romantic recyclers, then you'd be covering two potential marketing areas in one all-encompassing (dare I say catholic?)club.

The Independent Observer said...

Oh, indeed there are religion-based notions of regaining virginity out there. But what about the male who has trouble keeping his pants on? Why, there's help for him too.

Conch Shell said...

IO -- man, you managed to gross me out on the male chastity belt thing. Yuck. Did you see the game section of that?

Conch Shell said...

Oh, and Coyote, I'm mulling over the possibilities. I think there's something to this.

The Independent Observer said...

So to sum up, on Conch's stretch of shoreline:

Male Chastity Devices = icky.

Born Again Virgin franchises = highly promising.