This weeks poll results

What do you want more of in the ESI polls:

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Corrie said...

I'm really surprised there weren't more votes for "self-referential wanking."

4th Dwarf said...

Although I'm tempted to comment on BlogAdmin's outrageous handling of my poll (inserting an ungrammatical option; posting the results after only a few days and before everyone has voted; inserting judgmental cartoons about the poll), I believe I'll simply do some analysis on the results.

The Winners

Analysis of how 5M's situation relates to everyones situation (6 votes)


Cartoons (5 votes)

If your post or comment offers one of these things, you can be assured that you'll be giving almost all of your fellow metabloggers something they'd like.

The Losers
8 items in the poll garnered only one vote each. In other words, only isolated cranks want more of these:
- recipes
- self-referential wanking
- songs
- 5M stalking
- insults of 5M's men
- advice for 5M
- poetry
- fewer poll options

I could go on at length about each of these. Poetry for instance -- I mean -- what the hell is going on here? Only one vote and the next thing the whole metablog is going nuts with limericks, Dorothy Parker rip-offs and worse.

The one vote for "In this metablog, I'd like to see more fewer poll options" seems clear. We want more options in the polls, not fewer.

The middle ground (2 or 3 votes)

martyr stories (2)I'm thinking you voted twice 6A, because someone else had already voted on my home PC

independent celebrity observer comments (2)I'm surprised this didn't get more votes

kitty photos (3)A solid base of support for the kitties

strained metaphors (2)Like the poetry and self-referential wanking, I think this has more support in the metablog community than is demonstrated in the voting.

insults of 5M's commenters (3)Sorry Abhoria and Evild'r, we're staying on your case

support for 5M (3)I admit this is ambiguous. Do the people who didn't vote think we give her enough support in the metablog, or do they simply feel no need to give any support since this is really for us and not her?

tolerance (2)Also ambiguous

4th Dwarf said...

And if we're going to have recipes, I'd like to see ones like this one.

Corrie said...

I have to tell you, with very little support for songs and recipes, this Siren is going into retirement. Maybe I'll see ya' around, in a new persona. Maybe. Bye!

coyote said...

Siren: there's absolutely no poll support for talking hairy quadrupeds unless they're kitties, yet strangely, I persist. If we relied on polls to dictate our every action, we'd all be, uh, pretty much like Canada's current government. How sad. How lame.

Dwarf: So. Got any recipes for curing broken hearts, rather than blowing 'em up?

4th Dwarf said...

Didn't Siren cover that with the Better than Sex cake?

But if that doesn't do it for you, you could check out this weird little story that comes up first on Google if you enter "broken heart" cure recipe.