I Was Wondering When We'd Get to Chocolate

Ice Cream, by Sarah M. from the disc "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy."

Verse-2][C]Your [D]love is [Em]better than [C]chocolate[Am7]Better than [D]anything [Em7/B]else that I've [Am7]tried.[C]Oh, [D]love is [Em]better than [C]chocolate.[Am7]Everyone here [D]knows how to [C]cry[Am7].*

*So well-put, by Sarah McLachlan, don't you think? Original lyrics and music by S.M., above chords just an amateur's interpretation off the disc.

As a form of therapy, chocolate indulgence is not unknown. I highly approve of 5m's latest move towards independence through M&M's. Be that by eating them, making poetry over them, or whatever other creative little thing she may discover to do with the little devils. Devils? As in in Devil's Food Cake? But I digress. Coyote may comment with a trail of drool, at this point.

And, though Sarah sings that love is better than chocolate, I know many who'd disagree. In fact, there are those, dare I say, who prefer chocolate over love, hands down, no contest, wins every time.

Still, for the rest of us who value love, do you not agree that in the absence of same, why not indulge in chocolate?

To that end, and in the further interest of helping 5m develop non-destructive habits of coping/recovering from disastrous love, here's an offering:

Better Than Sex Cake

6oz. semisweet choc. chips
3/4 C. chopped pecans
1 box chocolate cake mix
4 eggs
1/2 C. oil
1 tsp. vanilla
1 package instant choc. pudding mix
1-8-oz container sour cream (full fat please)

Toss chips and nuts in 1T. of dry cake mix. Beat everything else together for 3 minutes. Fold in chips and nuts. Pour into greased Bundt pan, bake 50 mins. at 350 degrees F. Allow to cool, and try not to eat the whole thing at once.

I think she's making progress! On that question, what are the thoughts on hobbies, substitutes (like chocolate), friends, work, exercise or any other life-affirming habit as a way of helping one through love/romance crises?

But does chocolate, et al, really work? In the end, is it just another way of diverting oneself from the pain? Or does it help one move forward? Will it help 5m?


The Independent Plain or Peanut Observer said...

The missed opportunity of ET has not dissuaded the candy people from exploring myriad merchandising possibilities, judging by this extensive line of M&M-related Star Wars memorabilia.

Corrie said...

Hey IPorPO: thanks for the merchandising tip. I must say, you make a great nightlight.

Conch Shell said...

Okay, so 24 votes have been cast already in the poll. Who's attempting to manipulate the results!??!

Agatha said...

You're worried about the polls? What about SCOUT? Who sent out scout without the full approval of the ethics committee?

Agatha said...

Unlike Congress, the Ethics Committee is NOT on vacation. We have noted the Bush/Bolton manoeuvre (ie. sending Scout directing into the 5M's blog without due process). Be prepared for a filibuster (and I'm not talking about YOU, 4D!).

4th Dwarf said...

Conch Shell, it looks like 4 people have voted in the poll. You're allowed to click more than one option.

Agatha, I only made a suggestion about what Scout could do.

I suspect that Scout had a 50% vote from the Ethics Committee and didn't realize that a tie vote does not make for a carried motion.

I think 5M's reaction to Scout was cute. I wonder if she'll think the name is a To Kill a Mockingbird reference.

p.s. I'll leave the filibustering to one of our wordier members

Corrie said...

Ok, OK. As you all know, I did not attend the last meeting, preferring to remain alone, gurgling softly to myself. It's truly traumatic when a siren can't talk, never-mind sing. Just ask Coyote, who bore the brunt of the crisis, having to take a phone call, and have a "conversation" with me, all in the process of alerting the M-bloggers of my impending absence. It wasn't pretty.
But on the "scout" question, I seem to recall, in photographic detail, that Conch referred to the debacle as a "dare." A dare, no less, proffered by none other than the big 4thD himself. To now characterize the incident as a "suggestion" leaves me feeling a bit, well, curious. Was it a bet? Was it a dare? Or was it a mild suggestion? And yes, they are different, especially when a pirate is involved.
My hope is that the minutes will clear it all up. Perhaps evidence remains of the taunting and daring that went on? Or perhaps, evidence of a milder, more congenial situation...? The truth will out...
In the meantime, may I suggest a slice of chocolate cake from the last posted recipe? I promise, it'll make you forget everything, or, at the least, not care a #^$^#.

4th Dwarf said...

You have some vivid fever dreams, Siren.

Conch Shell said...

Perhaps, 4D, given your pirate school lessons, filibustering would be good for you:

A Filibuster is the term used for an extended debate in the Senate which has the effect of preventing a vote.
Senate rules contain no motion to force a vote. A vote occurs only once debate ends.

The term comes from the early 19th century Spanish and Portuguese pirates, "filibusteros", who held ships hostage for ransom.