Saving the 5M from the lcp

Given the high drama of yesterday's events, as well as some ESI opposition to the lcp mini-series, a piece of the story has not been adequately analysed. Did M really try to "save" the 5M from the lcp? And, did M really directly say--"I seduced you because I wanted to save you from the lcp." If he did indeed say this, we're not seeing the kind of vitriolic anger that we should be, are we? I'd be sending the Dwarf and his merry band of thugs after anyone who said such a preposterous thing.
The 5M is now calling herself an "unreliable narrator", and we heartily approve of that feminist po-mo position. However, there is unreliability and then there's unreliability...


4th Dwarf said...

Here's my take, Aggie. It's sometimes easier to see that someone has done something evil when it's done to someone else than when it's done to you.

We'll never know why M really slept with 5M that night. It might have been for an evil motive or not. But to say something to let her think that it wasn't from a desire to be with her was evil.

a) If you're giving someone what amounts to a pity-fuck, you're not helping them if you leave them feeling less desirable than before you did it.

b) If you were in fact doing it because they turned you on, don't be a lying weasel about it! (Sorry weasels.)

If you know you're not going to want to sleep with someone again and also know they'll interpret your sleeping with them as a sign that you do want to, that's pretty bad also.

With no window into M's mind, we don't know he knew that. Maybe he keeps going in these circles where he tries to talk himself into making it work with 5M and then not being able to do it.

Now, onto the lcp story. He didn't ask for money, so he shouldn't be tarred with a brush as though he did.

But it sure is a shame that he couldn't see past his troubles to genuinely congratulate the 5M on her good fortune and to make it clear to her that he was not asking her for money.

coyote said...

Well, there was that telling little line, out by itself near the end of the episode, saying, 'the lcp has nothing on M.' Considering the hits the lcp has taken, I'd say she may have also a bottle of vitriol in hand for M...

5th Muse said...

Oh, I think I've spewed that all already. Thanks, yote.

Corrie said...

I'm reminded of high school.

Remember when the jackals in a certain crowd used to go after you or your friends because (a)you didn't dress right (tatty black t-shirts perchance?), (b)you didn't do the right things (played clarinet in the band instead of being a sports hero), and (c) didn't say the right things?

Of course, one never knew with the latter, because it's SO easy to make things up, isn't it? The stuff said about you or your friends was often just an outright lie. And you weren't around, conveniently enough for the trouble-makers, to defend yourself.

Then there's impuning motives. Words, thoughts, deeds attributed to you, though you never spoke, thought or did them.

I was always glad I got out of high school, because these kinds of people lost so much of their power.

I noticed a trend. Many people around me kept growing up. They resisted high school antics. If they were bothered by something, they talked about it face-to-face, rather than in self-serving whispers behind backs. I try to hang around with these types.

Of course, not everyone advanced. There will always be the perpetual high-school crowd, no matter what age group you hang around with.

Whewwww. I am SO glad I'm done with high school!

I have one very important lesson I learned from it. The people in the "in" crowd, the ones who gossiped, and did their character assasinations so very, very well?
I noticed they always ended up turning on eachother. It makes sense. If you know someone who's always talking about others, eventually, they'll do the same to you. This rule is a constant. There are no exceptions to it.

Got to admit, it was always kind of fun watching them using their own tactics on eachother, and getting into a tangled ball of scratching and hissing!

Conch Shell said...

What about po-mo gossip? Couldn't that be more university than highschool.
Perhaps the lcp does need some defending here. The story of Uma Therman's father comes to mind. He was the West's only Tibetan buddhist monk. Eventually, shortly after returning to the USA, he renounced his monkhood (hence Uma came along), because he said in America there's no such thing as a free lunch. In Tibet, all the unpaid monks rely on the charity of others, because they are above material pursuits. The culture gave freely to these men. So, instead, Uma's dad became a university professor, explaining it was the closest thing to a free lunch for just "being" that he could find.
Perhaps poets are our version of buddhist monks.
On another note -- it's not becoming when men talk objectifyingly about women -- 20 yr olds or 40-yr olds. But, I'm shocked at how very many men do it. Feminist thought says this is simply the "but I'm the superior one here" types going down with a defiant struggle.

4th Dwarf said...

Interesting angle on Buddhist monks and professors, Conchie. Of course, the monks are relying on the charity of a society, while it seems starving artist-types rely on the charity of particular individuals.


As for the men objectifying women...

It seems to be okay for women to say things among themselves like "oh, those fire fighters, man I'd like to get my hands on one of them."

But then we don't live in a society where fire fighters are afraid to walk home at night, etc.


Then there's a whole other topic we could get into:

The Code of the Guys

- You could say that M broke the code by sharing a remark the lcp made about women with 5M
- But he has the "all's fair" exemption because he's also interested in mixing it up with 5M.

I like 5M cannot figure out what the lcp's game was on this one.

Conch Shell said...

How about the "I am above politically correct societal influences" po-mo game? (I love this new po-mo word).

Agatha said...

Or perhaps it is M who is the unreliable narrator this time.

5th Muse said...

Aggie always gets it.