Okay, kitties it is, then

Our speculations about what the Muse most needs at this time in her life have been answered in today's post. She is now the proud foster parent of Maggie, a , quote, 'giant cat'. Okay, giant kitties it is, then. I approve. Oily snakes are not what she needs. Kitties, on on the other hand, are good for all sorts of ailments of the spirit. I imagine that large economy size kitties are that much more effective. But then, I merely may have been swayed by watching way too much television advertising. Not my fault. I misunderstood when they said TVs came with rabbit ears. I'm just not always a very tech-savy coyote, I'm afraid....


4th Dwarf said...

Arr, I be mighty pleased th' lass has opted fer feline companionship.

As fer the poll: y'evil blighters who voted fer "a swift kick" should get one yerselves.

All y'learn from being on the receiving end of violence, whether 'tis a swift kick or a 54-gun broadside, is 'tis better to give than receive.

Back to the 5M: while I be pleased about this Maggie, I be not so tickled about the coyness. Too few details are makin' their way into her log.

The ex-Ex Maleficio said...

Wheeewwww...thank goodness pirate's gone back to a pirate image. Otherwise the poor wee kitty (OK, not so wee) might have had to fight off not just a drooling coyote, but a snuffly, squashed-face pug. Ugh. On the other hand, the pug may have got the worst part of the deal, judging by the size of that feline.

Mr Coyote: by posting the image of the immense, orange tabby, do you mean to suggest that is the very cat of which 5m speaks? If so, your investigative and photographic talents are indeed under-rated.

coyote said...

Dwarf, you're right. Her content is suspiciously light on telling detail lately. Could this be the calm before a storm? I'm really hoping we don't get any blow-by-blow accounts of a Dude date. Yuck.

Re: your disdain for the 'pro-swift-kick' faction, imagine for a moment that the proposed shock is psychic or emotional rather than physical. How do ya feel about that? Just askin...

XX, I'm good, but not that good. I Google-imaged 'giant kitties', something I do often when I seek visual snackage. Although I have to say that a 'rabbit ears' search finds some photos that are very confusing to us poor, drooling old archetypal coyotes.

Agents A and O said...

You've all been keeping your noses so clean we've had little reason to intervene lately.

When we last commented we promised to come back with some lavalife information. Unfortuanately, we hit a dry volcano and have nothing to report.

However, unlike Coyote, the team was able to get an actual photo of 5M's giant foster cat in her apartment.