Lets hope someone doesn't Google Kuz'n..witch

I'll see you in court, my pretty!

Once again, the 5M flirts with potential litigious-provoking language in her review of life in her old apartment.

UPDATE 2005.08.16: The litigious elements of the 5M post were subsequently retracted.


4th Dwarf said...

I'm sorry to hear the Elphin has gone so far down hill from when I used to spend time there.

I'm sure Waggie would have had a thing or two to say about the Legal situation 5M could be putting herself into with this latest posting. For once, I'd have to agree. To me the big question isn't so much does someone have grounds to sue? but would someone actually sue?

And with this posting, there's both money and pride on the line and easily identifiable parties.

But another point worth noting, she wrote all that because someone asked her to.

Perhaps we should think about things the Scout could ask her.

6th Apostle said...

That darn M. if he hasn't already caused enough heartache in the blog world, look where he turns up.

Ex Maleficio said...

Let us say that the issue goes not only beyond "does one have grounds to sue," and "does one wish to proceed, and sue," but further, in this sense:

Why does she seem to have such a need to malign people? She's on the outs with virtually everyone; relatives, co-workers, ex-friends, ex-lovers. And what's wrong with "loud, flowery shirts" anyway?

I look for the day when 5m posts "what a great day it is. I met a good friend today, and although not everything went as planned, we had some fun together," or words to that effect.

Think it will ever happen?

Conch Shell said...

But then 4D would say she's a boring saccarin meds case and encourage us to abandon her.

Ex Maleficio said...

I suppose, Conch. But if we truly wish her well, then we must hope for some little signs of happiness. And though 4D says it's saccarin, it's also normal to have good days and bad, and to write about some happy things, and some sad. A constant stream of negativism can't be good for her mental state, can it?

4th Dwarf said...

Conchie, ye shouldn't be putting words in me mouth. Especially if y're not goin' t'use pirate talk.

First off, I enjoy hearing 5M talk about having nice times and would like it more often.

Second, Waggie's right, flowered shirts are great!

I'm reminded of a story:

A lawyer is in court representing a landlord who is suing a blogger for defamation. The judge takes exception to the bright Hawaiian shirt the lawyer is wearing. "But your honour," says the lawyer, "I thought justice was blind."

"Yes, counsellor," replies the judge, "but not deaf."

Ex Maleficio said...

The best part about your new picture, Mr. Pirate, is not the fact of the flowered shirt itself, but the positioning of same on a PUG, no less. Excellent choice.

No wonder you keep referring to the one known as "Waggie..."

6th Apostle said...

Note to readers:

5M subsequently retracted most of her post. I think that was a wise thing to do, 5M, regardless of how justified you felt about it. In light of this, I hope this issue can be considered dead in the ESI realm.